Master of Horror Stephen King Recognizes Donald Trump as a Horror Show

The ads say President Trump is delivering results. He`s also delivering hate speech, a pack of lies, and a national debt that`s going to crush our grandchildren.

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King knows horror, and he recognizes Donald Trump as the greatest horror show ever to threaten our democracy.

King is a prolific author of horror novels, and lately he`s been just as prolific on Twitter warning America about Trump.

Trump brags that he is delivering on his promise to make America Great Again, but the frightening truth is that he`s delivering hate speech, a pack of lies and an astronomical national debt.

You don`t have to be a horror master to realize that Trump is a monster who is delivering nothing but division, racism and hatred, let`s emasculate this monster on November 6, 2018 by voting blue.

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Stephen King Trolls Donald Trump with Twitter Horror Story

“After President Donald Trump took to Twitter Saturday to accuse Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during the 2016 election, Stephen King trolled POTUS by sharing his latest horror story.

In a series of three tweets, the author penned a short thriller mocking the allegations, seeming to ridicule the fact that Trump provided no evidence backing up his claims. `Not only did Obama tap Trump`s phones, he stole the strawberry ice cream out of the mess locker,` King wrote. `Obama tapped Trump`s phones IN PERSON! Went in wearing a Con Ed coverall. Michelle stood guard while O spliced the lines. SAD!`

But it was the twist ending that really took the cake: Trump should know OBAMA NEVER LEFT THE WHITE HOUSE! He`s in the closet! HE HAS SCISSORS!”

Time Magazine

Not even the twisted mind of Stephen King could conceive of a reality more chilling than Donald Trump accompanied by a military aide carrying a briefcase with launch codes for nuclear weapons.

Leave it to the master of horror fiction to satirize Trump`s delusional paranoid mind by turning his tweets into a horror scenario.

I just hope King hasn`t further inflamed Trump`s inferiority complex by reminding him that he can never escape Obama`s legacy (such as it is). Indeed Obama`s shadow follows Trump wherever he ventures inside the White House.

Size does matter, and a literal pissing contest between Trump and Obama would be like Obama fighting a blaze with a water hose, and Trump brandishing a water gun in his pathetic little hand.

Trump is attempting to burnish his reputation by defaming Obama. SAD! Trump`s Twitter rants are indicative of a petty and sick mind. SAD! The American people elected this Oompa Loompa Clown. PATHETIC.

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