Obama’s Most Popular Tweet

Thank you for everything. My last ask is the same as my first. I`m asking you to believe-not in my ability to create change, but in yours.

Presidential tweet from Obama

Twitter is the perfect social media platform for Donald Trump, its 140 character limit per tweet is well-suited for his crude but pithy comments.

Only an anal-retentive prick gets his panties in a twist over any mistakes in spelling, grammar or syntax in a tweet, a perfect medium for a grammar-challenged vulgarian.

Trump has brilliantly used Twitter to bypass the left-leaning mainstream media and convey his thoughts directly to his followers. Trump doesn`t have the intellectual resources to write a memoir of his presidency, but I expect he will publish a collection of his White House tweets.

Obama is no slouch at using social media to further his political objectives. Obama`s tweet echoing a line from his farewell address is the most retweeted tweet for the @POTUS Twitter account, which will soon be inherited by Trump.

My last ask? Really? Trump`s tweets may be vulgar and grammatically confusing, but he would never try to wax poetic by writing “my last ask.”

The American people believe in change, and they have voted for change by denying Obama a third term in kicking Hillary to the curb.

My last ask is for Obama to reconsider his plan to stay in Washington until his daughter graduates from high school, and return to the land of his birth.

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Donald Trump: ‘No Computer is Safe’

In remarks to reporters at his New Year`s Eve party in Florida, Donald Trump stated:

“You know, if you have something really important, write it out and have it delivered by courier, the old-fashioned way. Because I`ll tell you what: No computer is safe.”

This coming from a man who is an inveterate Twitterer (is that a word?); doesn`t he know that a 400-pound kid with a modicum of computer expertise can hack a Twitter account?

Trump rarely communicates via email, and that`s a good thing, but it`s easier to hack a social media account than it is to hack an email account.

Instead of railing against computers (you can`t turn back the hands of time), Trump should have declared on his New Year`s Eve party that his No. #1 resolution was to stop tweeting.

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