Is Hillary Clinton Going to Run for Mayor of New York City?

Last week, reports (in reality more like rumors) began circulating in the media that Hillary Clinton was considering a run for mayor of New York City.

I tend to dismiss these rumors, the office of mayor of the Big Apple wouldn`t be a consolation prize commensurate with Hillary`s huge ego. After coming so close to breaking the ultimate glass ceiling, running a municipality would be quite a letdown.

Septuagenarians like Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden don`t have the energy, vigor, and youthful ideas that the Democratic party is in desperate need off, they should focus their energies on their grandchildren, and achieving regular bowel movements.

After two grueling presidential campaigns that ended in abject frustration and humiliation, first in losing to a relatively unknown community organizer with a Muslim name, and then a know-nothing reality TV clown, Hillary wouldn`t risk losing to Bill de Blasio as he seeks reelection.

The days of running for political office are mercifully over for Hillary, the only running she`s doing these days is running to the bathroom before she soils her adult diapers.

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Automated Restaurant Opens in NYC

“Imagine going out to eat and never interacting with a server or cashier.  You can do that at a new restaurant in New York City.

Eatsa is an automated restaurant in Midtown Manhattan.  It opened as an East Coast anchor for a small chain that started in California.

There are no cashiers and you order on an iPad or your phone.  The meal appears in a little locker.  Customers tap to open the door for their meal.”

Fox 5

A restaurant without any servers or cashiers, and the human beings are in the kitchen unseen by the customers is the best dining experience I can imagine.

Servers have a penchant for ruining your meal at even the most luxurious dining establishments, they’re  either overbearing asking you every minute if want your coffee refilled or they behave as if you are beneath their concern.

In these financially-trying times not having to add 15 percent tip to your meal is an enticement to eat out.

Easta sounds like heaven on Earth, except for the fact that all the food is vegetarian. An automated restaurant with a juicy burger and delicious fries appearing in a little locker is a fantastic idea.

Easta: A perfect dining option for misanthropes and cheapskates!

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