Lewis Hamilton Posts Video of Chihuahua Humping Donald Trump Plush Toy! Bravo!

Lewis Hamilton, the British F1 driver, posted a video ridiculing Donald Trump on Instagram. The video shows a Chihuahua humping a Donald Trump plush toy.

Donald Trump is vile, profane, racist and a willfully ignorant narcissist, it`s an indictment on the greatest democracy in the world that we elected him president.

If a crackhead is smoking crack on my front lawn, I am not going to show him all due deference and kindly request that he “enjoy his controlled substance somewhere else.” You have to speak to people in a language that they will understand; I would demand that the crackhead “get the fuc* off my property before I bash his head in with a baseball bat.”

If you want to criticize or ridicule Trump you don`t employ subtle wit, you bash the short-fingered vulgarian over the head with savage insults.

Hamilton chose the right tact in demonstrating his displeasure with Trump`s racist views and policies.

Trump sees himself as the alpha dog, but Hamilton posted a video that depicts Trump as a bitch who is getting humped by a freaking Chihuahua.

My only point of contention with Hamilton is that he took down the video, it should have remained online until the American people come to their senses and remove the wretched dog from office by any means necessary.

Link to video:


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