Donald Trump Can’t Tell Difference Between Two Female Reporters

“Donald Trump managed to mix up two female reporters at a press conference on Monday, forcing the Finnish president Sauli Niinisto to explain that the women were not actually the same person.

As the leaders took questions from the press pool, Mr Niinisto called on a reporter.

`Again?` Mr Trump asked the Finnish president, mistakenly believing he had called on a reporter who had already asked a question. `You`re going to give her the same one?`

`No, she is not the same lady,` Mr Niinisto replied, to the amusement of the two journalists.”


There are three possible explanations for Trump`s embarrassing gaffe:

Trump`s hatred of media

The president hates the media with a passion, he thinks the press has a vendetta against him. He sees the press as a single entity, he doesn`t see reporters as individual human beings just doing their job. It`s not surprising he couldn`t distinguish one reporter from another.

Trump`s sexism

Both reporters were young, blond and attractive, in Trump`s eyes they were just blond bimbos, indistinguishable from one another.

If Trump visits a brothel on a monthly basis, and if he is serviced by blond prostitutes who look nothing like each other on each visit, he would probably complain: You have a bunch of girls in this here fine establishment, why do I always get the same broad?

Trump`s dementia

The septuagenarian probably can`t tell his adult diapers from his KKK cap, who can blame him if all the reporters look the same to him?

The only reporters that Trump remembers are the ones who compliment him, and all those sycophant morons work for Fox News.

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