A Female or a Minority Democratic Candidate Must Face Off Against Trump in 2020


“Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) told Late Night With Seth Meyers on Thursday that no matter who wins the Democratic nod, all of the candidates will rally around the nominee in order to defeat Donald Trump.

`We all understand that no matter who wins, everybody is going to rally around that candidate and defeat Donald Trump,` the 2020 contender said.”

The Hill

I couldn`t agree more with Sanders, regardless which of the hundreds of Democratic candidates for president eventually wins, it`s imperative that we rally around the nominee in order to defeat the abomination known as Donald Trump.

All of the Democratic hopefuls are infinitely more qualified morally, intellectually and in every other conceivable way than Trump.

But that doesn`t mean that Democrats and Independents must refrain from criticizing Democratic candidates for president before a winner emerges from the huge field.

I want the most qualified candidate to win, therefore I won`t stop criticizing Democratic candidates starting with the interloper Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders, he is too white and too old. The last thing the Democratic Party needs facing off against Trump is a 77-year-old white man, who isn`t even a Democrat.

Enough said about Sanders, let`s move on to Joe Biden. The former vice president is too old, too white and too moderate. The last thing the Democratic Party needs facing off against Trump is a gaffe-prone crazy 76-years-old white man with a penchant for molesting young girls.

Now let`s consider Elizabeth Warren. The Senator from Massachusetts is too old and notwithstanding the fact that she`s .000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 percent Cherokee, too white. The last thing that the Democratic Party needs facing off against Trump is a 69-year-old white woman who falsely claimed to be Native American in order to advance her career.

Then there`s Amy Klobuchar, the boss from hell. It`s not misogynist to point out that the Senator from Minnesota isn`t just a demanding boss but a psychopath who demeans and humiliates her staff. The last thing the Democratic Party needs facing off against Trump is the only person who could rival the stable genius as the worst boss in the world.

That said there are dozens of eminently qualified presidential candidates such as Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand and Julián Castro. In this upcoming presidential election cycle it`s imperative that a minority or a woman face off against Trump.


Hillary Clinton is Too Old, Too Corrupt, Too Moderate and Too Unlikeable to Run for President


In an effort to break the ultimate glass ceiling in 2016 Hillary Clinton`s reputation was shattered. Hillary should have become a hermit after the humiliation of losing to the most unqualified presidential candidate in history, but instead she` had a book tour, hit the lecture circuit, and now she even has the unmitigated gall of hinting at another presidential run.

In two short years Donald Trump has almost destroyed our democracy, but I give him credit for destroying the Bush and Clinton dynasties.

There is zero chance that Jeb Bush will run for president again, and there`s no room in the Democratic Party for the likes of Hillary. There is a vanguard of credible Democratic female candidates for president (Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Kamala Harris) who are unencumbered by the moral corruption that Hillary embodies and represents.

Hillary is too old, too corrupt, too unlikable and too moderate for today`s Democratic Party. It`s not just this old curmudgeon who`s written her off, according to the NH Journal poll 55 percent of New Hampshire Democrats believe that Sen. Warren best represents the Democratic Party, Democratic-Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came in second at 28 percent. A minuscule 17 percent said that Hillary was the best representation of the current party.

I`m a baby boomer so perhaps I won`t be accused of being ageist when I say that Hillary, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are too freaking old to be president.

For God`s sake let`s pass on the torch to a Kamala Harris or a Kirsten Gillibrand. Biden and Sanders can serve as elder statesmen nurturing the new generation of Democratic candidates. Hillary can just disappear, we don`t need to hear a peep from her.