Andrew Yang Calls Donald Trump a ‘Fat Slob’

“Andrew Yang on Saturday tore into Donald Trump, calling him fat and a slob who cheats at golf, challenged him to a push-up contest and said America would love to see the president pass out trying to run a mile.”

Daily Mail

Andrew Yang is one of the asterisk Democratic presidential candidates; he’s best known for the Freedom Dividend, a universal monthly basic income of 1,000 for every American over 18. Who doesn’t love free money? If Yang also guarantees a chicken in every pot, a car in every garage, and a stash of weed for every voter, he might just win.

In the age of Trump Yang needed to prove that he can dish out insults with the best (worst?) of them, therefore he called the president a fat slob who cheats at golf.

Calling Trump a “fat slob” is an insult that will stick like mud to a pig. With his double chin, protruding belly, and sweaty face the stable genius should be called a “fat slob” at least as often as he’s called a racist, buffoon or fucking moron.

Trump frequently insinuates that Joe Biden doesn’t have the mental acuity and stamina, but I doubt the obese bigot can run a 50-yard dash, let alone a mile. Indeed, America would love to see the portly politician pass out trying to run a mile.

Yang’s signature line is: the opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes math. I don’t doubt that Yang excels at math, but if he wants to beat Trump, he must become a master of the insult. It looks like Yang is a quick study, and I hope he beats the fat slob.

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