Trump Without Twitter is Like a Neutered & Debarked Bitch Who’s Undergone a Full Mouth Extraction

If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?

Sound doesn’t exist without our hearing it, so if there’s not just bears shitting in the woods, but also a lone hiker, then as long as that solitary individual isn’t deaf it does make a sound.

If a bloviating politician rants and raves is he heard by his fanatical base if he’s been silenced on social media platforms?

The Trump-inspired ransacking of the Capital turned the Big Tech behemoths that had facilitated his rise to power against him.

Trump had been addicted to Twitter for over a decade before becoming president, and once he assumed the ultimate power, he used his favorite social media platform to ridicule his Democratic opponents and to keep his Republican rivals in line.

Twitter amplified Trump’s voice and it solidified his grip on power, when he was permanently banned from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram he was rendered as useless as a Pit bull who’s been neutered, debarked and had all of his teeth removed.

The disgraced twice-impeached former president now communicates mainly through press releases, but that’s manifestly not the best way to reach his ignorant and illiterate base.

A press release is a foreign concept to the MAGA denizens of a trailer park, and it just doesn’t resonate like an angry and profane tweet.

Google searches for “Trump” have plummeted since he was banned from Twitter, we’ve rediscovered the joys of searching for cats, UFO’s and naked celebrities.

Trump the Lion of Twitter is now the whining pussycat of Mar-a-Lago.

Rant and rave all you want to you pathetic loser, nobody is listening.