Kanye West is Loco! Who’s Responsible for Driving Him Nuts?


“Kanye West`s condition might be worse than originally thought.

The recently hospitalized rapper`s health problems stem from more than just sleep deprivation and serious dehydration, TMZ reports.

The `Fade` artist, 39, is said to be in a disconcerting mental state, and it`s unlikely he`ll be released from the hospital Thursday to celebrate Thanksgiving at home, sources told the celebrity gossip site.

His psychological issues are reportedly serious enough that insurance is likely to cover the money lost by West abruptly canceling the remainder of his `Saint Pablo Tour,` which still had 21 shows remaining. “

The New York Daily News

You don`t have to be a rocket scientist or a psychologist to discern that Kanye West has serious issues; his mental problems predate his marriage to Kim Kardashian. The Kardashians can be blamed for the decline of Western Civilization, global warming and the coarsening of public discourse, but it`s unfair to blame them for West`s precarious mental condition.

Why then is Kanye West stark raving mad?

You don`t need gaydar to deduce that Kanye West is the gayest rapper in history, but West hasn`t come out of the closet because in the testosterone-fueled rap genre homosexuality is anathema. Is the conflict between West`s gay inner self, and his public macho persona driving him batty?

West has an enormous ego, he frequently compares himself to God. Only the Almighty can handle being omniscient and omnipotent without going nuts, a human being with a God complex will eventually end up in a mental institution.

Although the Kardashians aren`t directly responsible for making West bonkers, Bruce Jenner`s transformation into Caitlyn Jenner may have been the straw that broke the camel`s back. Normal human beings look with disgust at the freak formerly known as Bruce Jenner, but we don`t have to invite him to Thanksgiving dinner. Imagine the agony and confusion of an unfortunate soul with a tormented mind having to deal with the likes of Jenner on a regular basis.

West can only regain his sanity if he does the following:

Come out of the closet!

Kick Kim Kardashian to the curb!

Pimp slap Caitlyn Jenner

Admit publicly that he`s just a wanker and not God!

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