Jerry Falwell Jr. Posts a Pic of Himself With His Pants Unbuckled Standing Next To a Hot Girl With Her Short Shorts Unzipped

“Jerry Falwell Jr. posted and then quickly deleted a strange vacation photo, leaving some to question what was actually going on.

The photo, captured by Relevant Magazine, shows the Liberty University president on a yacht with his pants undone and his shirt hiked up. Next to him stands a young woman identified as a “friend” whose pants are similarly unzipped and Falwell was holding up her shirt to expose her abdomen. In his hand was a glass of dark liquid.

‘I promise that’s just black water in my glass. It was a prop only,’ the caption reads.”

The Raw Story

This is not fake news, Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University, really posted a photograph depicting him holding a glass of what appears to be liquor standing next to a beautiful young woman. She has her short shorts unzipped revealing her navel, and he has his pants unzipped exposing his underwear and his pasty stomach.

This image is aesthetically disturbing, I’m afraid it’s going to be impossible to erase Falwell’s zombie gaze and his exposed pasty stomach.

Falwell is looking straight ahead, not deigning to look at the gorgeous young woman. He is gripping her tightly as if she is a possession, and not a human being to be admired for her beauty and personality.

This image is also spiritually disturbing, are white evangelicals so debased and hypocritical that one of their leading lights has no qualms about posting a picture that documents his infidelity?

As a married minister Falwell shouldn’t be vacationing with a woman he identifies as a “family friend.” I can only conclude that the drink he is holding contains alcohol, and he was inebriated when he posted the pic on social media.

Or maybe he has an open marriage, and his wife has no problems with him posting a pic with a young woman, and both of them appearing as if they’ve just had sex, and were so exhausted from the tryst that they didn’t have the energy to zip up their pants.

Methinks, Falwell is suffering from delusions of grandeur and he thinks that he can get away with anything, just like his hero, Donald Trump. If a video emerged of the Orange false messiah enjoying golden showers with Russian hookers, his white evangelical supporters would either say it was a deep fake video or they would claim that the video depicts angels showering their Savior with golden holy water.

Trump can get away with murder, but I seriously doubt Falwell can survive this indiscretion. Liberty University students aren’t allowed to watch R-rated movies, drink alcohol, or engage in pre-marital or homosexual activity. If a Liberty University student posted a pic like this on Facebook or Twitter he would immediately be expelled.

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