Democratic Leaders Must Privately Beg Biden Not to Run for Reelection

Joe Biden

Being an air traffic controller is one of the most stressful occupations in the world. Controllers are responsible for the movement and direction of thousands of lives onboard commercial and general aviation aircraft every day. Controllers usually manage multiple aircraft at the same time and make quick decisions, and if they make a wrong decision due to fatigue, inattention, distraction or slow reflexes, hundreds of passengers can die. It’s no wonder that the mandatory retirement age for controllers is 56.

The president of the United States has the most stressful job in the world, he must keep on top of multiple international and domestic crises at the same time. He is commander-in-chief and Leader of the Free World and the weight of the world lies on his shoulders. Unbelievably there isn’t a mandatory retirement age for the president.

That’s why our democracy finds itself in its current predicament, the president is visibly physically frail and is showing alarming signs of cognitive decline. Perhaps, the greatest evidence that he’s out of his mind is that he’s planning on running for reelection.

Joe Biden is too old to be president. Period. End of story. Biden is 79, and his case 79 isn’t the new 59, it’s lucky to still be alive.

The president’s physician calling Biden a “healthy, vigorous 78-year-old male.” Are you freaking kidding me? A healthy and vigorous person doesn’t look like a skeleton, doesn’t try to shake hands with invisible people and doesn’t have a penchant for falling off bicycles and falling down stairs.

With his diminished mental acuity, I don’t expect Biden to realize that he’s too old to run for reelection, but I do expect his aides and Democratic leaders to privately beg him not to run for reelection.