Coach Adia Barnes Refuses to Apologize After Flipping the Bird in March Madness! You Go Girl!

Adia Barnes, the Arizona women’s basketball coach was caught by television cameras delivering a fiery message in a team huddle after a stunning upset win against Connecticut in the Final Four of the women’s basketball NCAA Tournament.

While talking to her players, Barnes drops an f-bomb and triumphantly waves her middle finger in the air, like she just doesn’t care. It was her graphic way of illustrating to her players that the haters and naysayers can “fuck themselves.”

College coaches are notorious for their salty language and male coaches liberally sprinkle their pep talks with f-bombs. Nobody would have batted an eye or protested in mock outrage if a male coach had flipped the bird or uttered an obscenity in an emotionally-charged speech after a stunning upset victory.

But I guess a female coach is supposed to channel the school chaplain when congratulating her team after a thrilling victory.

To her credit coach Barnes has adamantly refused to apologize:

“I’m not apologizing for it because I don’t feel that I need to apologize… I wouldn’t take it back.”

Anyone who thinks coach Barnes should apologize, can go fuck themselves.