Bipolar, Narcissist Uncle Tom Kanye West Isn’t Going to Siphon Votes From Joe Biden

Kanye West is an excellent rapper and a gifted fashion designer, but he’s definitely out of his league as a politician.

West’s quixotic White House bid born of a bipolar condition, narcissism and a desire to promote his forthcoming album is doomed. He got in to the game too late, and he hasn’t qualified to appear in most state ballots.

The drama queen’s presidential campaign is getting help qualifying for ballots in key states from Republicans around the country, fueling suspicions that the Trump campaign is propping up his campaign in the hopes he will siphon support away from Joe Biden.

The pathological liar, Donald Trump, denies any White House involvement, telling reporters:

“I like Kanye very much. I have nothing to do with him being on the ballot. I’m not involved.”

Trump realizes that his mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic and his abject failure to address the racial turmoil in the wake of the murder of George Floyd has crippled his campaign and that he can’t win without indulging in dirty tricks. Trump’s dirty tricks include suppressing the minority vote, telling outrageous lies about Biden, and propping up West.

West himself has hinted that he may be in the race to derail Biden. When an interviewer from Forbes implied that he was a spoiler in the race, the rapper responded, “I’m not denying it.”

Does Republican political strategists really think West is going to siphon votes from Biden simply because he’s black? The African Americans I know are sick and tired of West’s coonery and buffoonery and they aren’t about to vote for an Uncle Tom.

If anything, West is going to siphon some of the crazy vote away from Trump. Trump is going to lose in a landslide regardless if West drops out or not.

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