Dude Stabs Woman With Steak Knife Because He Didn’t Like Texture of His Steak

“According to state police, 41-year-old Shannon Lynch was having dinner with a woman in a Bullskin Township home around 11 p.m. when the two got into an argument.

Police say Lynch `took offense to the texture of his steak` and began to assault the woman. During the assault, Lynch allegedly picked up a steak knife and stabbed the woman in the arm.

Lynch then left the house, and police say his current whereabouts are unknown.”

CBS Pittsburgh

I don`t want to make light of domestic abuse, but if I wait until almost midnight for my steak dinner, that damn steak better be cooked perfectly.

That woman had one thing to do, and one thing only: To cook that slab of meat to her man`s ideal standards, and she failed miserably.

Naturally homeboy took offense to the texture of his steak, and stabbed the woman in the arm with the steak knife.

I guarantee that the next time this woman fixes a steak dinner for her man, it will be cooked to his exact specifications. I can also guarantee that there will be a next time, stupid women rarely kick their violent boyfriends to the curb.

Naturally Lynch left the house after stabbing his date, what would be the point in staying, stabbing your date is an automatic conversation killer.

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