Lawrence O’Donnel’s Epic Off-air Rant! MSNBC Should Have Him Committed to an Asylum

“MSNBC`s Lawrence O`Donnell has apologized for his off-air outbursts during his Aug. 29 broadcast of The Last Word.

In an apology posted to Twitter, the Last Word host expressed remorse following the viral footage – which Mediaite obtained and posted Wednesday afternoon.

`A better anchorman and a better person would`ve had a better reaction to technical difficulties,` O`Donnell said. `I`m sorry.`”

Lawrence O`Donnell`s apology for his crazy outbursts during his August 29 broadcast of The Last Word is the understatement of the year.

In the obscenity-laden rant, O`Donnell gesticulates like a patient off his medication, bangs on his desk like a drummer on crack, and curses like a drunken sailor.

“There`s insanity in the control room tonight,” O`Donnell screams. The only insanity is behind the anchor desk; the prima donna goes freaking nuts over technical difficulties.

“A better anchorman and a better person would`ve had a better reaction to technical difficulties,” no shi*! Donald Trump would`ve had a better reaction to technical difficulties, right after his wife turned down his request for sex because “an hour to cleanse myself after 60 seconds of sex with you isn`t worth the effort.”

O`Donnell`s off-air outburst is eerily reminiscent of Bill O`Reilly`s classic off-air freakout. O`Donnell is a liberal and O`Reilly is a conservative, but they are both blowhards who treat their subordinates like dirt.

Link to O`Reilly`s breakdown:

O`Donnell owes his staff and viewers a public apology on his show. I will boycott O`Donnell`s program until he apologizes for his unhinged behavior.

Link to video of O`Donnell`s off-air mental breakdown:

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