Stormy Daniels is a Porn Star, Not an Adult Movie Actress!

Porn star Stormy Daniels (aka Stephanie Clifford) is in the news again because she sued President Donald Trump (aka Orange Baboon) in California court – alleging that he never signed a “hush agreement” over an alleged sexual relationship between the two, making the agreement null and void.

This article isn`t about whether or not Trump had an intimate affair with Daniels, and then had her lawyer pay her hush money, even Trump`s most ardent supporters admit that Trump had a sexual relationship with her.

I was watching CNN the other day and anchor Brooke Baldwin referred to Daniels as a porn star, when defense attorney Mark John Geragos quickly jumped all over her for referring to her as a porn star instead of as an “adult movie actress.” For the remainder of the interview Brooke called Daniels an “adult movie star.”

Enough of this politically-correct BS! Daniels appeared in over a hundred pornographic movies, which makes her a porn star.

Porn movies have cheesy dialogue, substandard production values, and wooden acting, those aren`t the qualities that I equate with a movie that would be enjoyed by adults.

In most porn flicks women are brutalized and objectified, once again I don`t associate such cinematic garbage with “adult films.” Citizen Kane is an adult film, the movies Daniels starred in are porn flicks.

Stormy Daniels has sex for money which makes her a prostitute who appears in porn movies. She doesn`t deserve to be called an “adult movie actress.”

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