Robert Paul Reyes: My New Year’s Wishes for 2017

Survive the year without Donald Trump`s tiny hand pushing the red button that will usher in a nuclear winter.

Endure the year without accumulating debt, or developing another infirmity.

Grim Reaper will drag Hillary Clinton, Beyoncé or Robin Thicke to hell.

My personal Web site will elicit more tweets, emails and comments.

My cats Tico and Ebony will turn from frenemies to BFF.

My pooch Mandy will dig fewer holes in my backyard and destroy fewer plants and bushes.

EDM finally dies.

Ronda Rousey will disappear off the face of the Earth.

Mr. T beats Colin Kaepernick to a bloody pulp.

President Trump declares Snoop Dogg`s birthday a national holiday.

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