Hillary Clinton’s Post-Election No-Makeup Face Rocks


For the next four, or if God is especially cruel and vindictive eight years, we will be seeing Donald Trump`s orange-hued face on our television screens, magazines covers and the front pages of newspapers — a silent indictment that we have elected a clown to the most important office in the world.

But we may never again see carefully coiffed, pancake-makeup Hillary Clinton, her post-election look is minimalist and natural. Gone is the hairspray, collagen injections and mascara.

The post-apocalypse Hillary that we have seen walking her dog, and browsing at a bookstore looks like a grandmother who has accepted her senior status with dignity and grace.

I`m not sure there`s an authentic version of Hillary Clinton, she`s deceitful to the core, but she certainly looks more approachable in her plain new look.

If God has mercy on us we will never see the dolled up Hillary again, because that could only mean that she`s getting ready to run for president in 2020.

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