Cat-In-The-Bag Carrier is the Cat’s Pajamas! Video!

“The Cat-In-The-Bag Cozy Comfort Carrier ($33.95) is almost exactly what it sounds like – it`s a bag designed to comfortably contain felines. Like the famed Snuggie for humans, this invention comes with a place for your cat`s head, but no holes for their arms and legs.

The creators say their cat sack is different from other carriers because it doesn`t isolate your cat. Instead of being stuffed in a fear-inducing box, a cat can now be carefully wrapped in this bag that keeps it safe while also allowing room for the animals to move freely with an unconfined head.”


My pooch, Mandy, loves to ride shotgun with me. She`s a sight to behold as we cruise down the road with her head sticking out the window.

My cats, Tico and Ebony, on the other hand absolutely hate to ride in my car. They act like they are in torment, caterwauling like they`re on crack, on the short five-minute trip to the veterinarian.

It` not just the motion that discombobulates them, they also despise being trapped in a pet carrier.

The Cat-The-Bag Carrier is the perfect solution, a cat won`t feel like he`s in a jail cell, his little head is sticking out and he can see that he`s safe with his master behind the wheel.

What`s cooler than a cat in a hat? A cat in a bag! Get with the damn program and buy one for your kitty, you will both love it!

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