The Real Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton is the consummate politician who realizes that appearances are everything. She may be 69 and in failing health, but her hair is perfectly coiffed and colored, and her makeup is subtle and commensurate with a woman her age. She may wear a pantsuit every day of the year, but it’s always well pressed and understated.

Hillary is educated and articulate, when she’s not in campaign mode screeching and cackling, she sounds rational and intelligent. Hillary comes across like a grandmother that you would meet in a church social chatting about climate change and the neighborhood watch program.

A citizen who hasn’t seen Hillary on the campaign trail going off on a tirade against Donald Trump, and whose only exposure to her has been her TV commercials might be inclined to vote for her.

But don’t let Hillary’s carefully crafted public persona and her sycophants in the national media fool you, the WikiLeaks emails have exposed her as a conniving and corrupt political hack who is more than willing to break the law to achieve her goals.

On the debate stage Hillary was calm and measured, compared to the out-of-control Trump. But in private, when dealing with her staff and underlings, she abusive and prone to throwing violent tantrums. Several Secret Service Agents and former staffers have written books exposing her as a sociopath.

Hillary may act like a prim and proper grandmother, but in reality she is a sociopath who’s incapable of empathizing with regular folks.


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