Will Alabama Elect a Pedophile to the Senate?

Tomorrow the backwoods evangelicals who dominate the Alabamian electorate are expected to elect to the Senate Judge Roy Moore, a man with a penchant for dressing like Woody from Toy Story, and a predilection for molesting underage girls.

After several women came forward to allege that Moore had sexually assaulted them in the 1970s while they were in their teens, in his first interview with Sean Hannity he was wishy-washy in his denials.

After he was lambasted for his horrendous Hannity interview, Moore went full-Trump and vehemently denied even knowing the women.

Even though the accusations by several victims are credible and substantiated by many witnesses, Moore adopted a campaign strategy of avoiding the media, appearing only before friendly audiences mainly in evangelical churches, and vociferously denying everything.

Moore claimed that the allegations are a conspiracy by “lesbians, gays, bisexuals and socialists” from the pulpit of an evangelical church.

Pride, a judgmental attitude and hypocrisy runs rampant in evangelical churches, but these sanctimonious a-holes love to place the blame for all the ills of our society on gays and lesbians, naturally they swallowed the outrageous lie that this marginalized community is behind the conspiracy to derail their hero`s political ambitions.

After Moore was exposed as a child molester 37 percent of white evangelical voters in Alabama said it made them more likely to support him. I didn`t say that evangelicals were going to vote for Moore in spite of the credible evidence of child sexual abuse, the fact that the media is reporting the allegations against him makes them more likely to vote for the son of a bitch.

I am dreading watching the election coverage tomorrow night, I`m afraid that the same evangelical hypocrites who elected Donald Trump to the White House will elect Roy Moore to the Senate.

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