Wanker Launching Line of Fanny Packs Featuring Images of Hairy Bellies

“A London-based artist is seeking help launching a line of fanny packs featuring images of pudgy, hairy bellies.

The `Dadbag` promises the wearer convenient travel storage as well as an instant “dad bod” in six different styles.”


Some fashion fads like cameltoe-enhancing vinyl jumpsuits, bellbottom pants, wide-collar shirts, platform shoes, and above else fanny packs should be left in the dustbin of history.

If I ever pen my autobiography I will leave out the fact that I rocked fanny packs in the 90`s.

A London-based artist/wanker is attempting to bring back fanny packs – surely a sign that Armageddon is right around the corner.

If you revive a fashion accessory from a bygone era, at least update it for the current generation. For example if you bring back the tight-fitting vinyl jumpsuit it should be emblazoned with the slogan: Real Women Sport Cameltoes!

But this British twit is making the fanny pack even worse by featuring images of pudgy, hairy bellies.

This insane fashionista is considering crowdsourcing his project. For the love of God I beseech a Londoner to buy a fanny pack at a thrift store, fill it with rocks, and administer the creator Albert Pukies a good solid bashing.

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