Trump G7 Photo Becomes Internet Classic

“A viral photo of Angela Merkel and other world leaders standing over a seated Donald Trump at Friday`s G7 summit has been given the meme treatment on social media, with Twitter users quick to liken the image to everything from renaissance art to a scene from the Apprentice.

The G7 summit, which brought together world leaders from Germany, Japan, Canada, the US, Italy, France and the UK, was held in Charlevoix, Quebec, in Canada, over the weekend. This year`s summit had a particular focus on trade.

However, the enduring image from the summit was one in which divisions between the group were clear. The German chancellor`s office posted the striking picture to Instagram on Saturday with the caption: Day two of the G7 summit in Canada: spontaneous meeting between two working sessions.”

The Guardian

In the instantly iconic photograph German Chancellor and real Leader of the Free World Angela Merkel, with other world leaders surrounding her in a show of solidarity, stares down at a seated Donald Trump, who has his arms crossed in defiance and disdain.

Merkel is leaning forward getting in the face of Trump, as a school principal does when reprimanding an unruly student.

Her hands are pressing down on a table in fury, I can only hope that it was solid oak able to withstand such pressure.

Trump, the putative Leader of the Free World, has his arms crossed, and this posture serves several purposes. It hides his grotesquely small hands, it prevents Merkel from slapping them with a ruler, and it conveys defiance.

Merkel is staring directly at Trump, but he seems to be looking far off into the distance. He instinctively knows that he can`t withstand her withering glare, and he`s probably praying that he was back home where sycophants like Mike Pence look at him adoringly.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and dozens of tweets by Trump and millions of words by his supporters won`t change the message that this photo depicts: The G7 Summit was an unqualified disaster for Trump.

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