Donald Trump’s Huge Christmas Cards Are An Abomination

I love most of the trappings of Christmas, come the Holiday Season I want to get drunk on eggnog, park my chair under the mistletoe, and invite Christmas carolers to serenade me while I take a bath.

But there is one Christmas ritual that I loathe: Sending Christmas cards.

It`s a colossal waste of paper, what with Christmas cards and Christmas trees saving the planet really takes a back seat on Christmas.

It`s nerve-wracking trying to remember which of the persons I sent a card last year didn`t reciprocate. You really feel like a Tiny Tim loser when you send someone a Christmas card, and they blow you off.

They are sent out of a sense of social duty, not because you are filled with a warm and fuzzy Yuletide spirit.

That`s why I gave up sending Christmas cards years ago, I hope they will soon become as obsolete as stamps.

There are some wankers who still send out Xmas cards, for example Donald Trump sent poster-size ones to Congressional offices this year. It is a huge breach of etiquette to send out a gigantic Christmas card that can double as a placemat.

Receiving a Christmas card from Trump is like receiving one from Scrooge, the Grinch or the Antichrist.

Bah humbug, screw Donald Trump and his big ass Christmas cards!

Pic of Trump`s huge Christmas Card:

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