Barack Obama, Not Donald Trump Dominates Twitter’s List of Most Re-Tweeted Posts of 2017

“As 2017 winds down, President Donald Trump continues to make headlines via his active Twitter account on a near-daily basis. But for all his furious posting, the tweeter-in-chief failed to make Twitter`s lists of most-liked and most-retweeted posts of 2017.

So who did take the No. 1 slots? Those prizes, announced Tuesday, went to former President Barack Obama and-interestingly enough-a teenager on a quest for chicken nuggets.

Former President Barack Obama had the most-liked tweet of the year. His post in response to the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville this summer received 4.6 million likes. Another tweet, which he shared after Senator John McCain`s brain cancer diagnosis was made public, received more than 2 million likes, making it the third most-liked of 2017.

Obama was also responsible for three of the ten most-retweeted tweets of the year. The Charlottesville tweet came in at No. 2, with 1.7 million retweets.”


When historians and biographers weigh in on the Donald Trump administration, they will pay scant notice to his ghostwritten books, but they will parse every word in his tweets.

Trump is primarily known for two things: Pussy grabbing and firing off tweets. He starts of each morning, not with prayer or meditation, but with a vitriolic tweet.

You`d think the septuagenarian Tweeter-in-Chief would dominate Twitter`s list of most-liked and most-retweeted posts of 2017.

But it`s another president, the erudite and diplomatic Barack Obama who`s well-represented in Twitter`s list of most-retweeted posts of 2017. This is in spite of the fact that Twitter is tailor-made for grammatically-challenged wicked dimwits.

It should be noted that Obama has 97 million Twitter followers to Trump`s 44 million. Obama rarely tweets while Trump tweets almost as often as he farts, proving that quality is better than quantity.

Trump`s incoherent and nasty tweets may get him impeached or trigger World War III, but Obama`s sincere and uplifting tweets are a promise that America will survive the execrable Trump administration.

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Twitter Employee Deletes Donald Trump’s Twitter Feed on His Last Day of Work

On Thursday President Donald Trump`s Twitter feed went down, unfortunately it was restored 11 minutes later.

A Twitter customer support employee performed the community service on his last day. We all have fantasies about wreaking havoc on our last day of work: Downloading porn on the boss`s laptop, spiking the water cooler, keying the car of the office gossip … But deleting the Twitter feed of the most powerful man in the world, if only for a few minutes, is truly epic.

There is so much tomfoolery, fake news, and just plain meanness that emanates from Trump`s Twitter feed, many of Trump`s supporters and enemies have attempted to curb his addiction to his favorite social media platform.

The as yet unidentified Twitter employee probably committed a crime shutting down Trump`s Twitter account, but I hope he`s not in any serious trouble. Let the man who hasn`t fantasized about shutting up Trump permanently by breaking his baby hands cast the first stone at the Twitter employee.

if I was the CEO of Twitter I would give the patriotic Twitter employee a generous severance package, and the “Employee of the Year” award.

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Donald Trump, Twitter and the End of the World

Outrage is the coin of the realm on social media, especially Twitter. Trump has a volcanic nature and his default mode is outrage, therefore Twitter is the perfect platform for him to publish his insane proclamations.

Many presidents have occasionally used the editorial pages of the New York Times or the Washington Post to communicate with the American public. But Trump`s grammar is unfit for a middle school newspaper, let alone a prestigious publication like The New York Times, fortunately there are no grammar rules per se on Twitter, and he can vent to his illiterate heart`s content on the social media site.

I sometimes wax apoplectic on Twitter and nobody bats an eye, because that`s just how people roll on Twitter.

Even though Trump is the President of the United States and Leader of the Free World we shrug when he spouts nonsense on Twitter. Nothing to see her folks, it`s just our Buffoon-in-Chief talking smack on his favorite social media platform.

Trump could tweet that Kim Jong-un the Rocket Man and Crooked Hillary should ride a nuclear-tipped missile shaped like a dildo and crash into a deserted island and we would take it in stride, after all Trump has been twitting crazy shi* for years.

If Trump tweeted “crazy fundies are right and September 23, 2017 is really the end of the world and imma gonna grab me as much pussy as I can before then!,” I would think to myself what kind of a fuc*ed up world do we live in, I always thought the end of the world would be announced by heavenly trumpets, not by a stupid Trump tweet.

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Liberty University Grads Protest Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Sickening Support of Donald Trump

In the wake of President Donald Trump`s stunning Charlottesville remarks in which he embraced White Nationalists every section of our society has repudiated his blatant racism.

President Trump`s Entire Arts and Humanities Council quit.

Trump disbanded his Manufacturing Council & Strategy & Policy Forum after a rash of defections by business leaders.

The following prominent Republican leaders have denounced Trump by name: Sen. John McCain, Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Jeff Flake, Rep. Ed Royce, Rep. Leonard Lance, Former President Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney …

Military Joint Chiefs denounced Charlottesville racism.

Artists, business leaders, the military brass, and Republican leaders have criticized Trump`s bigotry in no uncertain terms.

Only evangelical leaders, who you`d think would be the first ones to condemn hatred, have remained silent.

Only one religious leader has stepped down from Donald Trump`s evangelical advisory board. Megachurch pastor A.R Bernard announced on Twitter Friday that “it became obvious that there was a deepening conflict in values between myself and the administration.”

In January 2016, Jerry Falwell Jr. became one of the earliest evangelical leaders to endorse the degenerate billionaire candidate, and he has remained steadfast in support of Trump through every scandal, every intemperate tweet and every contentious press conference.

After Trump`s outrageous, controversial and racist remarks about the Charlottesville White Nationalists` protest this is what Falwell tweeted:

Finally a leader in WH. Jobs returning, N Korea backing down, bold truthful stmt about #charlottesville tragedy. So proud of @realdonaldtrump

We expect our religious leaders to condemn racism and other moral diseases, and to urge their followers and indeed the entire nation to form a more perfect union.

Jerry Falwell Jr. may be a moral coward, but I take heart in the fact that a group of Liberty University (LU) alumni has condemned him for his continued alignment with Trump. Some LU graduates have vowed to return their diplomas to register their disapproval.

I urge my evangelical friends to join the rest of society in condemning hate speech, racism and bigotry.

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Donald Trump Won’t Stop Tweeting Until a Hero Chops Off His Tiny Hands

“One day after swearing in a new chief of staff, President Trump has a message for the world: He won`t stop tweeting.

`Only the Fake News Media and Trump enemies want me to stop using Social Media (110 million people),` Trump said in a post Tuesday. `Only way for me to get the truth out!`”


Donald Trump wouldn`t recognize the truth if it bit off his tiny pecker and flushed it down the toilet.

This tweet is another one in the endless series of lies that emanate from the White House. It`s not only Trump`s enemies (which are legion) that want him to stop tweeting, most Americans want him to stop utilizing social media.

According to a recent YouGov poll a total of 58% of respondents said they thought Trump`s use of Twitter was inappropriate compared to just 25% saying it was appropriate. A further 17% said they were not sure.

Trump`s tweet seems to be a warning that the new sheriff in town, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, won`t be able to curb his obsession with Twitter.

I`m sure he won`t, Trump will be tweeting until the glorious day when he`s impeached and removed from office.

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Female GOP Lawmakers Need to Have ‘Come to Jesus Meeting’ With Donald Trump

I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don`t watch anymore). Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came… Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year`s Eve, and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!

Presidential Tweet

This is the tweet heard around the world, it`s been denounced by commentators, pundits, politicians, intellectuals and everyday people of every political persuasion.

Even some GOP lawmakers were finally compelled to condemn Trump`s misogyny. Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and GOP Sen. Susan Collins of Maine spoke out in no uncertain terms against Trump`s sickening tweet. You`d think that these female politicians would be joined by a chorus of sister GOP lawmakers appalled by our president`s ad hominem attack. But too many Republican congresswomen and senators were silent in the face of misogyny and some even defended the indefensible.

Melania Trump`s communications director Stephanie Grisham released this statement: As the First Lady has stated publicly in the past, when her husband gets attacked, he will punch back 10 times harder.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel defended Trump`s reprehensible tweet saying “Today, the president acted like a human, and he pushed back.”

Deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders vigorously defended the bully-in-chief, not backing down an inch.

The First Lady has made it her crusade to put an end to online bullying, she can start by speaking out against the biggest bully in the world. Ronna McDaniel is correct, the president acted like a human — a despicable and petty human being. Sarah Huckabee Sanders should be reminded that her job description doesn`t include making excuses for and enabling the worst personality traits of her boss.

Enough is enough, the female Republicans in Congress should demand a meeting with the president. They should make it abundantly clear to him that his sick tweets are endangering his agenda and that he is putting at risk their support.

I don`t know about the Republicans in Congress, but I want to be on the record speaking out against Trump`s insanity. Indeed, it`s incumbent upon all of us, of every political party, to speak truth to power, and condemn Trump`s toxic tweets.

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America Wants Donald Trump to Stop Tweeting

“President Donald Trump may insist his tweets are a way to get his honest and unfiltered message out,” but a majority of voting Americans – including Trump`s supporters – say he should spend less time on Twitter.


According to a new Morning Consult poll released Wednesday, more than two thirds of voters – 69 percent – say Trump uses Twitter too much, compared to just 15 percent who say he uses it about the right amount and only 4 percent who say he should tweet more.”

US News and World Report

You don`t have to be a rocket scientist or a political science major to deduce that Donald Trump spends far too much time on Twitter. In fact, according to a new poll 69 percent of voters say Trump uses Twitter too much. Four percent say Trump should tweet more, these morons also probably think he should apply more orange fake tan.

The results of this poll beg the question: What activity should Trump engage in instead of Twitter?

Enroll in an adult education remedial English Class

Call Jenny Craig

It should be explained to the bastard that he shouldn`t call to flirt with her, but to enroll in a weight-loss program. After Trump gets over the hump and loses 40 pounds from his belly and he can see his tiny pecker for the first time in decades, it will motivate him to lose a hundred more.


Trump isn`t limber enough to do any of the classic Yoga positions, but it might mellow him out just a tad.


This game might be too complicated for Trump, but if Betsy DeVos agrees to give him a full body massage wearing only a “Make America Great Again” hat if he does well he might be inspired to become a Sudoku master.

Practice for the US Citizenship Test

I`m persuaded that this a-hole who wants to deport everyone who isn`t white would flunk the test.

Take up cutting

He could take up cutting himself as a mechanism to relieve stress, maybe we would all get lucky and he`ll cut his jugular.


Give the wanker a shiny new fishing pole and let him fish in the toilet bowl

Train for running marathons

Tell the buffoon that all once he has suffered a stroke or a heart attack he will be ready to participate in a marathon.

As you can see there must be a million and one more productive ways to spend your time, other than on Twitter. Send me your suggestions.

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The Definitive Article on Donald Trump’s ‘Covfefe’ Tweet

On May 31, 2017 at 12:06 at night Donald Trump posted a tweet that will be analyzed for generations to come:

Despite the negative press covfefe

This mysterious tweet remained on Trump`s Twitter feed for six hours before it was deleted.

Then on May 31, 2017 at 6:09 AM the putative Leader of the Free World posted this tweet:

Who can figure out the meaning of “covfefe”??? Enjoy!

Trump`s original tweet is a sentence fragment without a period or question mark at the end. This tweet interruptus has already spawned tens of thousands of editorials, blogs and tweets, allow me add my two cents` worth.

Trump is the most inarticulate president in history, nevertheless he has managed to add two words to the American lexicon: “Bigly” and now “Covfefe.”

What does the word “covfefe” mean? Trump probably meant to type “coverage,” but who the hell really knows. Our Fearless Leader has the intellectual depth of a baby, and when a baby utters a nonsense word, especially when he`s just learning to speak, the parents will debate endlessly what word he attempted to say.

Mom: Little Tommy said “mommy”! I think I`m going to cry!

Dad: You must be going deaf, he clearly said “dada”!

Mom: My little angel was looking at me when he spoke! Stop being an idiot! Tommy said “mommy”!

Dad: If he was looking at you, my bad he didn`t say “dada.” He must have said “puta”!

A baby should never be left unsupervised and unmonitored for six hours, why was Trump`s nonsense tweet allowed to stay online for so long? Isn`t anybody monitoring what tomfoolery that infantile moron is posting online?

Finally let`s ponder what or who interrupted Trump from finishing his tweet. We all know that Trump has the attention span of a flea, maybe he saw a pussy on the Playboy Channel that he wanted to reach out and grab. Or maybe he felt a sudden impulse to call Sean Spicer and berate him failing to make sense of his incoherent presidential pronouncements. It could also be that he interrupted his tweet, because he needed to go to the bathroom before he soiled his diapers.

I feel guilty for having wasted time writing this essay. Who cares what “covfefe” means, Trump is a freaking idiot, and nothing he writes merits analysis.

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Donald Trump’s Tweets May be Vetted by a Team of Lawyers

“The White House is considering having a team of lawyers approve Donald Trump`s tweets, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, citing an advisor to the president.

Although the idea is under consideration, Trump aides told the Journal that such a procedure would be hard to put in place.

If implemented, the move would certainly lift a burden on the White House press office, which often finds itself trying to explain why Trump`s tweets diverge so sharply from the tightly crafted official statements.”


President Donald Trump finally realized that the shit has hit the fan, and it`s dripping all over him and his staff. Therefore he hired a New York-based lawyer Marc Kasowitz to represent him in the Justice Department Russiagate investigation.

Kasowitz has a reputation for being a tenacious litigator and he will fight the opposition tooth and nail, and he`s not going to put up with any tomfoolery from his client, Donald Trump.

It takes a team of attorneys to vett Trump`s tweets to protect him from slandering his enemies, but most importantly from incriminating himself.

Trump would be well-advised to also hire a grammatican to spellcheck and correct his grammatical mistakes. How can we convince our children that grammar matters when Trump`s tweets seem to be the handiwork of a monkey tapping at a keyboard.

Come to think of it, he should also hire a psychiatrist to look over his tweets. The shrink would be busy deleting all tweets that smack of paranoia and delusion.

Or Trump could just hire Mr. T as his social media guru, and if Trump so much as opens Twitter on his phone he would break his stubby little fingers.

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Donald Trump Tweets “We” and Twitter Goes Nuts

“Something amazing happened on Twitter on Saturday. The President of the United States, arguably one of the most controversial people on the platform, tweeted one word with two letters and so much power.

Donald Trump, or a White House staffer representing Trump, typed `We,` then hit the tweet button, sending the word to the president`s 29 million followers.”

Huffington Post

Trump deleted his “we” tweet a couple of minutes after posting it.

It`s obvious that Trump was starting to type a sentence when he hit the “send” button by mistake, it`s perplexing that a man with such dainty and tiny hands would hit the wrong button.

Trump wasn`t starting a declarative sentence using the royal we such as: We are going to fire Sean Spicer. Trump never employs the royal we, he likes to take sole credit for his actions, and he doesn`t want to give the impression that he is speaking on behalf of his staff.

Trump wasn`t making a minimalist philosophical statement. We, as in we are in this existential nightmare together, and we must find meaning in life as a team.

I`m not going to waste another second wondering what Trump intended to write, Shakespeare he`s not.

The moron was going to type some sort of malarkey, and dissertations won`t be written contemplating what he meant to write.

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