Stable Genius Donald Trump Calls Apple CEO Tim Cook ‘Tim Apple’

Tim Apple

At a meeting of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board Donald Trump called Apple CEO Tim Cook “Tim Apple.”

Here`s the actual quote:

“We`re going to be opening up the labor forces because we have to. We have so many companies coming in. People like Tim – you`re expanding all over and doing things that I really wanted you to do right from the beginning. I used to say, `Tim, you gotta start doing it here,` and you really have you`ve really put a big investment in our country. We appreciate it very much, Tim Apple.”

Nobody present smiled or acknowledged Trump`s faux pas, after all he has a long history of butchering people`s names. The stable genius once referred to Melania Trump as “Melanie” on Twitter, he`s safe as long as he doesn`t call her “Stormy” during one of their annual intimate interludes.

Tim Cook wasn`t offended, in fact he playfully changed his name on Twitter to Tim and the Apple logo. Naturally, Trump haters on social media gave him a hard time, just like they do every time he says something stupid, racist or ignorant.

But Trump has such a thin orange skin that he just can`t let it go. At a meeting with donors he told them that what he actually said was “Tim Cook Apple” really fast and “Cook” was just really soft.

And today he tweeted:

“At a recent round table meeting of business executives, & long after formally introducing Tim Cook of Apple, I quickly referred to Tim + Apple as Tim/Apple as an easy way to save time & words. The Fake News was disparagingly all over this, & it became yet another bad Trump story!”

The hallmark of a pathological liar is that he can`t keep his story straight. I don`t know why the fuc*ing moron lied to cover up his gaffe, his critics know he`s a compulsive liar and his supporters don`t care. If Trump had called Cook “Johnny Appleseed” more than a few of his cultists would name their firstborn “Johnny Appleseed” in tribute to their Messiah.

If Trump doesn`t want to see another bad Trump story, he should try keeping his trap shut because nothing but obscenities, lies and nonsense emanates from his pie hole.