Robert Paul Reyes: What I’m Thankful for This Thanksgiving Day

Waking up this morning, not exactly with a spring in my step but without keeling over.

The furnace blasting heat inside my home while outside the leaves are tossed about by the frigid wind.

The pitter-patter of little feet as my cats conspire what deviltry to visit upon me.

My dog barking outside as she protects my home and annoys my neighbors.

My little pink house far from a mansion, but a comfortable home.

Family that I will soon join in celebration of Thanksgiving.

TheSop.Org an online soapbox that allows me to spread my opinions with my community and with the world.

This job that barely pays my bills, but provides me with an opportunity to write my essays such as this one.

Few possessions, but no bills.

Jolly Christmas songs playing on the radio, reminding me that this holiday tomfoolery has weeks to go.

The sweet promise that one morning I won`t wake up.

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Robert Paul Reyes: What I’m Thankful for this Thanksgiving


Good Health

When I was a young man I could bench press almost 300 pounds, I jogged at least five miles every day, and I took my health for granted. But now that my medicine cabinet is full of prescription drugs, and my bones ache when I get up in the morning, I`m grateful that I`m still in relatively good health, and I cherish my daily walk with my pooch.


I`ve been writing for the Student Operated Press since 2008, and when the SOP was down for almost three weeks in November, I realized how much of a blessing it is to have a platform where I can share my editorials with an international audience. I`m very thankful for Judyth Piazza the editor and owner of this terrific Web site.

My Own Web Site

After posting articles online since 1998 for several Web sites, I finally have my own home on the Web:

My Pets

My cats Ebony and Tico and my dog Mandy compromise my nuclear family, they enrich and enliven my life in a multitude of ways.

My Sisters

My sisters Jackie, Mary and Linda are crazy, but I can always share what`s in my heart with them. We understand each other intimately, growing up together in a dysfunctional family has bonded us for the rest of our lives.

My Little Pink House

My tiny pink house will never be featured in “Better Homes and Gardens”, but it`s my version of the American Dream.


I thank God I live in a country where I am free to say what I please, write whatever I want, and worship however I see fit.

Dear readers, what are you thankful for, I would love to hear from you.

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