Jeff Bezos Walks His Robotic Dog! The Singularity Is Right Around the Corner!

“Jeff Bezos kicked off Amazons annual robotics conference with a scene straight out of a science-fiction movie.

Amazon began its annual invite-only MARS conference on Monday. The conference is dedicated to machine learning, home automation, robotics and space exploration.

Bezos posted a photo on Twitter posing with the dog-like Boston Dynamics robot, and wrote, “Taking my new dog for a walk at the #MARS2018 conference.”

The robot, named SpotMini, has become popular on the internet after unsettling videos of it learning how to open doors went viral on YouTube. Some viewers tweeted their fear that the robot would end all humans.”


There is nothing more heartwarming than watching a man walking his dog. A man and his canine companion walking in quiet tandem speaks volumes about the innate goodness of life.

The photograph of Bezos walking with his robot dog is horrifying, it`s an omen of humankind`s eventual enslavement to artificial intelligence.

Bezos posted this fear-inducing image on Twitter, this misanthrope takes pleasure in the rise of the machines.

Bezos` robotic dog has learned how to open doors, soon SpotMini Version II will lock you out of your home, consigning you to the doghouse.

I certainly don`t advocate violence against anyone, but I must confess that I fantasize about going low-tech on Bezos and flattening him and his steel hound from hell with a bulldozer.

Pic of Bezos walking his infernal dog:

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Qoobo, The Weird Cat Robot, is an Abomination

“Qoobo, which was unveiled this week by Yukai Engineering Co., Ltd. at the CEATAC trade show in Japan is only marginally a cat. Its wagging feline tail is attached to a 2-pound ball of fur. Theres no purring face, no head or whiskers, no legs, feet, or claws. The name is a combination of the French word for tail and robot.

The plush toy rests in your lap (what choices does it have?) and responds when you pet it. Different types of strokes or pats will generate different, yet, fairly realistic, tail wags and haptic responses. In addition to the tail movement, the round, cushion body can deliver a vibration response.”


We are at the advent of the age of the robot, although robots have been an integral part of the manufacturing process for ages, but it`s only recently that they have invaded our homes.

The Roomba isn`t a novelty item, millions of homeowners rely on these robotic vacuum cleaners to clean their floors while they relax watching TV.

The Amazon “Echo” is a personal assistant who will play music, control your smart home, and get information, news and weather using just your voice.

In a generation many people will have a sex robot instead of a spouse or significant other. The sex robot is not your father`s blowup sex doll, it has fully functioning sex organs, and it looks just as real as your average silicon-enhanced celebrity.

Now there`s a robot cat, sort of, the Qoobo has a wagging feline tail attached to a 2-pound ball of fur. This monstrosity doesn`t have a face, in fact it doesn`t have a head, or legs.

I can put up with a robotic vacuum cleaner, and I can certainly see the advantage of a sex robot over a cheating girlfriend who is just as likely to give you the clap as she is a hug.

But it will be a cold day in hell before I exchange my warm, loving kitty for a freakish robotic cat that doesn`t have a head or a soul.

My cats have a home with me for the rest of their lives, regardless how many curtains they destroy or how many times they cough up a fur ball.

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I Can’t Wait Until Robots Rule the World

“Robots will take our jobs, sure-if they live that long.

This we know: There are many dystopian predictions of how our future robot overlords will take our jobs. Two-thirds of Americans believe that robots will be doing the jobs of humans in 50 years.

But thanks to one widely shared photo on Monday, we know that at least we`re still superior in one area: swimming.

Twitter user Bilal Farooqi shared a photo of a robot that wandered into a watering hole at his company`s D.C. office building.”

The photo of the 300-pound Knightscope K5 model Security robot that fell into a pool is giving people the false impression that we are superior to robots.

The first generation robots are logical machines, encumbered by emotions, and therefore already superior to human beings.

In a couple of generations robots will be superior in every conceivable way, intellectually, physically and aesthetically.

They will be pushing us into pools and laughing at our impotency to do anything about it.

Human beings have made a total mess of everything in our dominion, I can`t wait for the robots to take over.

A Furby would do a better job than Donald Trump; I hope I will be alive to witness a super computer as Leader of the Free World.

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Great News! Robots Will be Flipping Burgers at CaliBurger Restaurants by 2018!

“A burger-flipping robot called Flippy will be at work in CaliBurger restaurants by early 2018.

Enter Miso Robotics. The southern California start-up has built a robotic kitchen assistant called Flippy to do the hot, greasy and repetitive work of a fry cook.

Flippy employs machine learning and computer vision to identify patties on a grill, track them as they cook, flip and then place them on a bun when they`re done.

Miso is part of a budding kitchen automation industry. Its peers include Zume Pizza, Cafe X, Makr Shakr, Frobot and Sally, which are developing robots to help commercial kitchens churn out pizzas, lattes, cocktails, frozen yogurt, and salads.”


I`m down with the robot revolution, and the mechanical workers can begin by taking over menial jobs like flipping burgers. As a germaphobe I`d rather have a robot with stainless steel hands handling my burger than a pimply wanker.

A robot called Clerkie could handle the cash register, it wouldn`t take a computer expert to program it to say “Do you want fries with that?”

In fact, a fast food restaurant workforce composed entirely of robots would attract customers who appreciate efficient and courteous service. Burger joint bathrooms are usually a freaking mess, none of the low-paid employees wants to clean it. A robot wouldn`t have any reservations about cleaning toilets and mopping floors.

A robot isn`t going to contaminate your food, steal your identification or exhibit rude behavior, and it works for free! Humans suck, I will patronize any business that employs robots.

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Robot Prints and Burns Donald Trump’s Tweets, Sends Him Video! I Love Robots!

“A robot quickly growing a viral following on Twitter is dedicated to one job: Printing President Donald Trump`s tweets, burning them, and tweeting video of the process back to the president.

The Twitter account, @burnedyourtweet, stars a robot programmed to print out tweets from the president`s @realdonaldtrump account, burn them in an ashtray, film the process, and then tweets the videos to Trump with the message: I burned your tweet.”


If only Trump`s tweets existed only in printed form, and they could be destroyed in a bonfire. Unfortunately, Trump tweets exist in a digital format, and they are indestructible. His odious tweets will live forever, causing discord and division for generations to come.

Who is the mystery engineer behind this project?

I first thought “it must be a Trump critic seeking to discredit and embarrass his administration,” but maybe it`s a Trump supporter desperately attempting to shame the president from tweeting. After all, it may very well be a tweet that leads to Trump`s downfall. The “I” word has already been mentioned in the press after Trump posted a tweet falsely accusing Barack Obama of committing a felony by wiretapping Trump Tower.

The best case scenario is that Trump will post a tweet that`s so incendiary that it will lead to his impeachment, but it`s also possible that one of his inflammatory tweets will trigger nuclear Armageddon.

I wish a patriot would break into the White House (How difficult can that be considering the Secret Service resembles the Keystone Kops?), and breaks Trump`s tiny hands with a ruler when he attempts to tweet.

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