Trump’s Racist Desire to Remove Right to Citizenship for Children Born in US of Undocumented Immigrants.

If a constitutional law scholar like President Barack Obama tried to amend the Constitution with a stroke of the pen via executive action I would be alarmed.

Amending the Constitution is a laborious process, and no president however brilliant he may can change or amend the Constitution with no input from Congress.

“The Constitution provides that an amendment may be proposed either by the Congress with a two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate or by a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the State legislatures.”

When a president who is an ignoramus and a fuc*ing moron thinks he can amend the Constitution with the stroke of a pen that`s enough to give me a stroke.

Trump is bulldozing through constitutional norms again with his suggestion that he can remove the right to citizenship for children born in America of undocumented immigrants.

This right is enshrined in the Constitution; we live in a constitutional democracy and the law isn`t what Trump says it is, and no man is above the law.

Even the stable genius must realize that he doesn`t have the power to change the Constitution all by himself, he just wants to stoke anti-immigrant passions before the midterm elections.

Let`s keep this racist in check by voting blue on November 6, 2018.

Master of Horror Stephen King Recognizes Donald Trump as a Horror Show

The ads say President Trump is delivering results. He`s also delivering hate speech, a pack of lies, and a national debt that`s going to crush our grandchildren.

Stephen King tweet

King knows horror, and he recognizes Donald Trump as the greatest horror show ever to threaten our democracy.

King is a prolific author of horror novels, and lately he`s been just as prolific on Twitter warning America about Trump.

Trump brags that he is delivering on his promise to make America Great Again, but the frightening truth is that he`s delivering hate speech, a pack of lies and an astronomical national debt.

You don`t have to be a horror master to realize that Trump is a monster who is delivering nothing but division, racism and hatred, let`s emasculate this monster on November 6, 2018 by voting blue.

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Cat Sashays Down Catwalk

“A cat who wandered onto the runway during a fashion show in Turkey managed to upstage the models themselves.

A video taken at Istanbul`s Esmod International Fashion Show shows the nonchalant feline grooming itself before strutting down the catwalk and playfully lashing out at a model trying to steal its thunder.”


A cat strutting down a catwalk isn`t as strange as it may seem, they are natural born divas and they love the spotlight. I have two cats, and they rarely run from one room to another instead they casually stroll around my house as if they are trying to impress me with their regal walk.

I imagine most of the catcalls at the fashion show in Turkey were for the cute kitty, she was really working it.

The cat tried to scratch another model, typical catty model behavior. I`m just glad it didn`t spark a catfight.

Anyway, enjoy the video:

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Donald Trump is Halloween’s Scariest Monster on New Yorker Cover

“Even scary-looking characters run from a trick-or-treating Donald Trump on The New Yorker`s Halloween-themed cover.

In the artwork titled “Boo!” that fronts the Nov. 5 issue, the president grins as he saunters down the street holding two jack-o`-lantern buckets overstuffed with candy. But his presence strikes fear into other trick-or-treaters dressed in spooky costumes. They attempt to skedaddle as their hard-earned treats fall to the ground.”

Huffington Post

It boggles the mind that evangelical Christians and other assorted riff-raff look upon Trump with fondness as a heroic figure.

True believers overlook Trump`s moral failures and personality flaws out of political expedience, but nobody remains enthralled by a con man forever, and within their lifetimes they will come to their senses.

In the future Donald Trump will be universally perceived as a scary monster like Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler.

The New Yorker`s Halloween-themed cover depicting Trump as a trick-or-treater scaring the Bejesus out of other trick-or-treaters dressed in frightening costumes in a testament that not everybody in our generation drank the Kool-Aid.

In the artwork titled “Boo” Trump grins as he saunters down the street, seemingly oblivious that everyone is fleeing from his unholy presence.

The resistance is cognizant of the damage Trump is doing to our democratic institutions and our social norms, and we are determined to keep him in check by voting blue November 6, 1918.

Join me in defeating this Halloween monster by voting for Democrats in the midterm election.

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Fake Christian Mike Pence Invites Fake Rabbi to Pray for Victims of Synagogue Massacre

“American Jews, in shock over the massacre of 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue, voiced outrage Tuesday after Vice President Mike Pence hosted an election event with a so-called `Christian rabbi`.

Pence took part late Monday in a campaign rally for Lena Epstein, a Jewish Republican running for the House of Representatives, in suburban Detroit, Michigan.

At the rally Loren Jacobs, who uses the title “rabbi” but espouses Christianity, was invited to speak on behalf of the area`s Jewish community.

Instead of opening up with prayers for the 11 Jews shot dead Saturday at the Tree of Life synagogue, Jacobs praised Jesus Christ and then offered prayers for four Republican candidates.”

Yahoo News

A “Christian Rabbi” is an oxymoron, kind of like an “Evangelical Christian.” American Jews were already in shock over the massacre of 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue, and Pence added insult to injury by asking a faux rabbi to pray for the victims at the end of the rally.

Pence referred to Loren Jacobs as a “leader of the Jewish community here in Michigan,” that`s akin to referring to Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan as a leader of the Islamic community in Chicago.

Jacobs is an apostate who is masquerading as a “Christian rabbi, he`s anathema to Jews.

Messianic Jews, such as Jacobs, primary focus is the conversion of Jews to Christianity. That is simply repugnant and offensive to Jews, he would be as welcome in a synagogue as a Jihadist imam would be at an evangelical church.

Pence and his white evangelical brethren have tarnished the Christian faith by wholeheartedly embracing a short-fingered vulgarian who makes a mockery of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Not content with destroying the evangelical branch of Christianity, Pence is now sowing discord in the Jewish community.

There is a special place reserved in hell for the likes of Mike Pence and Loren Jacobs.

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Kellyanne Conway is Wrong, God Has No Place in the Public Square!

“Kellyanne Conway on Monday condemned the trend of anti-religiosity in America, just days after a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue left 11 people dead and several wounded.

`The anti-religiosity in this country, that it is somehow in vogue and funny to make fun of anybody of faith, to constantly be making fun of people who express religion, the late-night comedians, the unfunny people on TV shows, it`s always anti-religious,` Conway said on `Fox & Friends.`

She later argued that faith can bring Americans together and said this isn`t the time to be `driving God out of the public square.`”

The Hill

Conway would be well-advised to consult a dictionary before spouting off on Fox News. Most folks, people of faith and atheists, are anti-religiosity. The word “religiosity” has a bad connotation, denoting a person who is excessively, obtrusively, or sentimentally religious.

However, it`s true that there is an anti-evangelical trend in America, in reaction to white evangelicals who have made a mockery of Christianity by embracing a degenerate who is a hell of a lot more similar to the anti-Christ than Jesus Christ.

I`m more liberal than conservative but I don`t make fun of people of faith who proclaim and defend the universal concepts of the brotherhood of man, and respect for individuals regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or social class.

I do make fun of white evangelicals who claim to believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ while worshipping a buffoon who is the antithesis of Christianity.

Faith in our democracy and in the Constitution can bring Americans of all faiths and no faith together, and the deity of your choice can best be worshipped in your home or in a place of worship, not in the public square.

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Save our Democracy! Vote Blue November 6, 2018

What is there left to know about Donald Trump? The blowhard billionaire doesn`t bother to put on a veneer of civility to disguise his racism, misogyny and homophobia. He`s so emboldened by the unwavering support of his base that he doesn`t bother with dog whistles, he uses a megaphone to trumpet his bigotry.

Theologians, professors, pundits and bloggers have thundered against his rhetoric and policies that hurt minorities and the disadvantaged and help the wealthy and the privileged.

In the last three years I have written hundreds of essays that chronicle his depravity, racism and misanthropy.

We don`t have to wait for Special Counsel Robert Mueller`s final report, only someone willfully ignorant or complicit in Trump`s corruption can argue that there is insufficient evidence to make the rational judgement that he should be impeached and removed from office.

If the Democrats regain control of the House Trump may be impeached, but the support of his base and the cowardice of Republican Senators ensures that he won`t be removed from office.

We can`t decapitate Trump`s administration, but we must vote for Democrats in the midterm elections so that we can at least emasculate him. The Senate looks like a lost cause, but if the Democrats win control of the House they can not only impeach him, but subpoena his tax records and launch investigations into his corrupt administration.

History will judge this generation harshly for having elected the bastard, but we can make amends by voting for Democrats in the midterms.

Vote! For God`s sake Vote!

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The MAGA Bomber is Representative of Donald Trump’s Cultists

Authorities arrested Cesar Sayoc, 56, now and forever to be known as the MAGA bomber, in connection with a series of explosive devices there were mailed to prominent Democratic leaders over the past week.

I would have a hard time saying MAGA philosopher, MAGA scientist or MAGA professor, but the words “MAGA bomber” roll of the tongue.

Batman has his Batmobile and the MAGA bomber has his MAGA van, the side and back windows of the van are covered in disturbing collages of Republican iconography and anti-Democratic memes.

The TV Batman of the 60`s was a campy figure, but there`s nothing campy or ironic about the MAGA bomber. The MAGA bomber is as subtle and nuanced as a sledgehammer, I imagine that in a conversation he would just repeat the memes and slogans that cover his vehicle.

The MAGA Van is a disturbing piece of art, it has images of Donald Trump, the American flag, and there are also red targets superimposed over progressive icons like Hillary Clinton, Michael Moore and Barack Obama.

The same violent imagery also appeared on the MAGA bomber`s Twitter feed, which has been taken down. But why in the name of God wasn`t it taken down before, violent images and hateful words are just as destructive as bullets and bombs.

Unfortunately, the MAGA bomber isn`t an aberration, he`s representative of Trump`s ignorant and racist cultists. I see the same wild-eyed rage and intolerance for minorities at Trump rallies.

Most Trump followers are able to restrain themselves somewhat, and although they may have only one “CNN Sucks” bumper sticker, they are full of the same pent-up rage as the MAGA bomber.

Trump isn`t destroying our democracy by himself, he has the tacit support of Republican leaders, and the undying devotion of his base.

Vote on November 6, 2018 as if the MAGA bomber is living next door, or as if he is your child`s teacher, because the MAGA Bomber`s mentality has infected a significant section of our society.

We must rid our democracy of Donald Trump and his MAGA followers.

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Donald Trump is the Conspiracy Theorist-in-Chief

“President Donald Trump on Friday threw his weight behind a conspiracy theory about the bomb-like devices being mailed to Democrats, suggesting without evidence that the packages were designed to suppress Republican turnout.

`Republicans are doing so well in early voting, and at the polls, and now this `Bomb` stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows,` Trump posted on Twitter. `News not talking politics. Very unfortunate, what is going on. Republicans, go out and vote!`

The tweet appeared to give credence to the `false flag` conspiracy theory that the suspicious packages mailed to prominent Democrats and CNN are actually an effort to portray conservatives as violent. Trump offered no evidence to support the claim.”


Donald Trump views everything through a political prism, and in times of national trauma he reacts in a way that will energize his base, not in a way that will comfort and unite the country.

It is impossible for a narcissist to assume the role of comforter-in-chief; his tweets and speeches only serve to further polarize the electorate. Trump never acknowledged that CNN was one of the targets of the mail bomber, and he never offered public or private words of sympathy to the recipients of the mail bombs.

After Charlottesville Trump`s comments inflamed racial tensions and now Trump is seeking to gain political benefit out of the mail bomber threat by giving credence to the false flag conspiracy theory that the suspicious packages mailed to prominent Democrats, critics of the president and CNN are an effort to portray conservatives as violent.

The #NotMyPresident hashtag is very popular because Trump isn`t the president of the entire United States, he only cares about uttering words and signing bills that appeal to his racist base.

It`s imperative that we vote blue November 6, 2018 to hold Trump accountable, and we must impeach him for in these perilous times we need a president who will represent everyone regardless of political affiliation, ethnicity or social class.

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Crazy Cat Lady Kicked Off Flight After Trying to Smuggle Her Cat for Emotional Support

“A woman who smuggled her cat onto a plane was kicked off of the flight by stunned cabin crew.

The passenger from the US told British Airways flight attendants who caught her with the cat she needed it for `emotional support`.

The cat was in her hand luggage, according to the Daily Record, who was told the cat could have got through security at Glasgow Airport.

The woman almost got away with it – but when staff approached her to put her bag in the overhead locker because she was sitting in an emergency exit – the moggie in a box was spotted.”

Daily Mail

Folks are really abusing the concept of therapy animals, passengers have been booted from flights for having “support animals” ranging from squirrels to snakes to pigs. So don`t even think about claiming that a pig is your emotional support animal, for God`s sake just check in Rosie O`Donnell and let her travel in the baggage compartment.

This woman should have been arrested for animal cruelty, how she dare stuff her poor kitty in her handbag. The traumatized cat could have used an emotional support animal of his own.

I love my cats, but I leave my kitties at home, secure in the knowledge that I can deal with whatever as long as I`m wearing my big girl Garfield panties.

If this woman can`t leave her house without a support animal, she should stay home and play with her cat.

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