Sacrilege: Donald Trump Signs Bibles of Alabama Tornado Victims

Touring the area where a devastating tornado touched down, Donald Trump signed Bibles for supporters who gathered to see him at a Baptist church in Opelika, Ala.

In the aftermath of the violent tornado you`d think evangelicals would be in fear of the awesome power of their God, and for at least the next few days and weeks live righteously.

Instead the white evangelicals thrust their Bibles at the man who embodies all seven deadly sins, so he could defile their holy books with his huge vain autograph.

“Donald Trump signing bibles is like Hannibal Lecter signing cookbooks.”

Adam Best on Twitter

Or I might add like a prostitute signing a book titled: Purity Ring, the story of a girl who exchanged her dildos and romance books for the ultimate symbol of virginity when she found Christ.

Atheists would have been convinced of the existence of the Almighty had he smote that Baptist church with a lightning bolt while the short-fingered vulgarian was signing Bibles.

Jesus would bless the Bibles and the lives of white evangelicals if they followed the teachings of the Gospels, and repudiated the man who is the antithesis of the precepts of love, compassion and peace of the true Messiah.

I close with this warning from Two Corinthians (as the Donald would say):

For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.

II Corinthians 5:7

I`m glad I won`t have to explain to Jesus why I begged the Antichrist to sign my Bible.

Dying Man’s Wish Granted, He Receives Call from Donald Trump

“A Connecticut man who is terminally ill received a phone call from President Donald Trump on Tuesday night, fulfilling a personal wish.

Jay Barrett, who has cystic fibrosis and is receiving palliative care, is an avid Trump supporter. Having some contact with the president was on his bucket list.

The call was facilitated by Bridgette Hoskie, Barrett`s sister, who is a local politician and a Democrat.


If I was terminally ill and receiving palliative care, I would be cognizant that my days are numbered and every minute is precious. I certainly wouldn`t waste any precious moments chatting with a conman and blithering idiot like Donald Trump.

I would call my out-of-town family and friends, and perhaps a spiritual advisor. I would call a sex line before I would ring up Trump, even a sex phone operator is more sincere and genuine than the pathological liar who sits in the Oval Office.

Talking to the stable genius was on Barrett`s bucket list, I wonder what else is on his list: Taking a selfie with Kim Jong-un? Doing the Tango with Putin?

Trump is such an insincere bastard, he told Barrett: I`m very proud of you. I`ll talk to you again, Jay, OK? Unless Trump is a medium who can communicate with the dead, he ain`t gonna talk with Barrett again.

Anyway, to each his own I guess; I hope talking with Trump gave Barrett a small measure of peace.

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Shame on The North Dakota State Bison for Accepting Invitation to Trump’s White House

“Another championship football team visited the White House on Monday.

And President Donald Trump once again had a buffet of fast food waiting for his guests.

Trump welcomed the Football Championship Subdivision champions – the North Dakota State Bison – to the White House on Monday. And, according to a pool report, he served them a lunchtime spread of Big-Macs, Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches and French fries, among other fast-food items.

Trump served a similar meal to the Clemson Tigers when they visited the White House in January.”

USA Today

College football players are world-class athletes, and their bodies are their meal tickets — naturally they are very conscious about eating nutritionally balanced meals.

But a glutton thinks everyone is a glutton, and it`s not surprising that the morbidly obese Big Mac-loving president served his guests a feast of calorie-laden fast food.

I don`t think Trump`s fast food spread deserves to be called a “buffet,” even the most humble and inexpensive buffet offers at least a couple of fancy items like lobster tails or salmon. Unless the condiments included Grey Poupon mustard, there was nothing fancy about Trump`s lunchtime spread.

Not that I feel any sympathy for the North Dakota State Bison, that`s what they deserve for attending a function at the White House of the racist-in-chief.

Most champions of professional leagues, like the NBA champion Golden State Warriors, have refused to legitimize the presidency of Trump by visiting the White House.

I guess that only a team that few people have heard of, like The North Dakota State Bison, would accept an invitation to meet the president at the White House.

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HUD Administrator Lynne Patton Biggest Uncle Tom of Trump Administration

Uncle Tom

Lynne Patton, a regional administrator at the Department of Housing and Urban Development was an unknown before her appearance before the House Oversight Committee, now she is universally reviled as a useful idiot and token black friend of the racist-in-chief.

Michael Cohen, Trump`s former personal lawyer, and fixer testified before the aforementioned committee that his former boss was a racist.

Cohen`s opinion carries a lot of weight because he was a Trump insider for over a decade.

To counter that claim, Rep. Mark Meadows, the chair of the far-right Freedom Caucus, and someone who himself has been accused of being a racist, invited Patton to Capitol Hill to serve as his prop.

When Meadows mentioned her name at the hearing, Patton who was standing right behind him, stood up so everyone could see her black ass, and didn`t utter a single word. I`m sure I wasn`t the only one who was reminded of a slave at an auction block.

“She says that as a daughter of a man born in Birmingham, Ala., that there is no way that she would work for an individual who was racist,” Meadows said. “How do you reconcile the two of those?”

As if having a black acquaintance or a black employee is proof that Trump isn`t a racist. Patton should be ashamed for allowing herself to be used in such a cynical fashion, and for letting a white man speak on her behalf.

Cohen exposed the stupidity of Meadows` stunt by responding: “Ask Miss Patton how many people who are black are executives at the Trump Organization. And the answer is zero.”

Lynn Patton will go down in infamy as the biggest Uncle Tom of the Trump administration.

Donald Trump’s CPAC Speech Was an Abomination


Donald Trump hugged the American flag after walking on stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) to deliver a two-hour speech where he proceeded to denigrate everything Old Glory represents. He lambasted Congress, the Department of Justice, spread lies and conspiracy theories; he basically delivered an address that would be greeted with wild applause in Moscow.

It was a stream-of-consciousness diatribe, naturally it was riddled with expletives, and the conservative and evangelical audience couldn`t get enough of it.

I don`t want to parse or fact check Trump`s rant, suffice to say it was vintage Trump bullshit, only it dragged on longer than usual.

I want to zero in on Trump shameless stunt of humping the American flag before he started spewing his toxic views. When a religious or political leader is addressing his cult he doesn`t have to present a rational and logical basis for his philosophy. He`s cognizant that his followers have already ceded their thinking capabilities to him, and will accept anything he says as the Gospel truth.

In lieu of apologetics and reasoned discourse he will engage in shameless antics like embracing the flag. Those of us who haven`t swallowed the Kool-Aid will exclaim: OMG what a joke! Who would fall for such a corny and shallow display of patriotism? The answer is quite obvious, the millions of white evangelicals who voted for the bastard.

What lesson can we glean from Trump`s embrace of the flag, and the enthusiastic reaction from the CPAC audience? Namely this, you can`t reason with MAGA devotees, it`s as foolhardy a task as trying to convince Nazis that Hitler was a genocidal monster. White evangelicals are a lost cause, even atheists are praying that hell is real and that they will burn forever.

Forget the MAGA cultists, we must reach out to Independents and rational Republicans (There`s still a few of them left), and plead with them to join Democrats in voting out the abomination in 2020.

A Female or a Minority Democratic Candidate Must Face Off Against Trump in 2020


“Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) told Late Night With Seth Meyers on Thursday that no matter who wins the Democratic nod, all of the candidates will rally around the nominee in order to defeat Donald Trump.

`We all understand that no matter who wins, everybody is going to rally around that candidate and defeat Donald Trump,` the 2020 contender said.”

The Hill

I couldn`t agree more with Sanders, regardless which of the hundreds of Democratic candidates for president eventually wins, it`s imperative that we rally around the nominee in order to defeat the abomination known as Donald Trump.

All of the Democratic hopefuls are infinitely more qualified morally, intellectually and in every other conceivable way than Trump.

But that doesn`t mean that Democrats and Independents must refrain from criticizing Democratic candidates for president before a winner emerges from the huge field.

I want the most qualified candidate to win, therefore I won`t stop criticizing Democratic candidates starting with the interloper Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders, he is too white and too old. The last thing the Democratic Party needs facing off against Trump is a 77-year-old white man, who isn`t even a Democrat.

Enough said about Sanders, let`s move on to Joe Biden. The former vice president is too old, too white and too moderate. The last thing the Democratic Party needs facing off against Trump is a gaffe-prone crazy 76-years-old white man with a penchant for molesting young girls.

Now let`s consider Elizabeth Warren. The Senator from Massachusetts is too old and notwithstanding the fact that she`s .000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 percent Cherokee, too white. The last thing that the Democratic Party needs facing off against Trump is a 69-year-old white woman who falsely claimed to be Native American in order to advance her career.

Then there`s Amy Klobuchar, the boss from hell. It`s not misogynist to point out that the Senator from Minnesota isn`t just a demanding boss but a psychopath who demeans and humiliates her staff. The last thing the Democratic Party needs facing off against Trump is the only person who could rival the stable genius as the worst boss in the world.

That said there are dozens of eminently qualified presidential candidates such as Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand and Julián Castro. In this upcoming presidential election cycle it`s imperative that a minority or a woman face off against Trump.

Evangelical Mike Lindell ‘My Pillow’ Huckster Praises Donald Trump to High Heaven

“President Trump was chosen by God to run for the White House, My Pillow founder Mike Lindell said on the opening day of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in suburban D.C.

Mr. Lindell, a 57-year-old businessman who advertises heavily on conservative outlets, repeatedly claimed during his nine-minute speech Thursday that Mr. Trump was picked by a higher power to seek the presidency.

`I see Donald Trump coming down an escalator and announcing he is running for president. For me it was a divine and miraculous moment – I felt something miraculous was about to unfold.`

`God answered our prayers, our millions of prayer, and gave us grace and a miracle happened on November 8, 2016,` Mr. Lindell said. `We were given a second chance and time granted to get our country back on track with our conservative values and getting people saved in Jesus` name.`”

Washington Times

Mike Lindell is the founder and CEO of My Pillow, Inc. a pillow manufacturing company. A pillow is a pillow is a pillow, but Lindell has managed to sell over 30 million pillows by convincing shmucks that his pillows have a patented design that will cure insomnia and make you sleep like a baby.

It`s no accident that Lindell runs his commercials primarily on Fox News, he rightly figures that people who believe the alternate facts on the conservative news network will swallow his lies that his pillows possess magical properties that will instantly lull you into a deep sleep.

These days Lindell is almost as well known for praising Trump as he is for extolling the virtues of his pillows.

Lindell said that when Trump came down the escalator to announce he was running for president, he knew that something miraculous was about to unfold. Some miracle, Trump branded Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals.

After two years of corruption, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and deceit that is rampant in the Trump administration, Lindell`s adoration of the president hasn`t diminished.

At this year`s CPAC convention Lindell praised Trump to the high heavens, illustrating the fact that regardless what obscenity Trump commits he won`t lose the support of white evangelicals.

I wonder how white evangelicals sleep at night resting their empty heads on their My Pillows, while their Messiah is leading our democracy to ruin and damnation.

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Who Says Trump Doesn’t Have a Dog in the White House? What About Mike Pence?

Donald Trump is the first American president in over 130 years not to have a dog in the White House. However, it could be argued that he doesn`t need a dog when he has his human lapdog, Mike Pence. Like any pooch worth his salt Pence stares adoringly at his master, and the brownish tint to his nose is testament of his subservience and loyalty. Pence loves Trump, his vindictive God and Mother, in that order.

A dog is man`s best friend, a narcissist like Trump doesn`t have any genuine friends, but Pence is the president`s favorite sycophant. I wonder if Trump sometimes lets Pence sleep on his bed to reward him for his loyalty – God knows there`s plenty of room in his bed since Melania never sleeps with him.

Trump doesn`t share the spotlight with anyone, and Pence`s sublimation of ego is complete. Pence is like a dog who is so terrified of his cruel master that he never barks or whines. Pence rarely speaks unless spoken to, and when he does speak it`s to praise his master.

Pence is like a dog, but he`s also like a mannequin. Whenever he`s in the presence of his master, the only muscles that he moves are the ones that activate his subservient smile. If Pence is an anatomically-correct mannequin his anus must be the size of the head of a pin.

The White House staff realizes that Pence doesn`t wield any real power, and nobody has any respect for the spineless Mother-loving yes man. However they treat him with deference because if Trump isn`t impeached before the end of his term the actuarial charts will catch up with the obese buffoon.

In that horrible day Pence will let his freak flag fly high, he will demand that his Cabinet hold a Bible study every day, and he will ban sodomites from serving in his administration. Mother will be venerated like the Virgin Mary, and our democracy will be turned into a theocracy.

Octogenarian Claims He Was Assaulted for Wearing MAGA Hat!

“Prosecutors say an elderly man was assaulted inside a New Jersey supermarket after he was confronted over a Make America Great Again hat he was wearing.

Somerset County Prosecutor Michael Robertson says the 81-year-old Franklin Township man was shopping at the Shop Rite on Elizabeth Avenue Monday afternoon when he was approached regarding his red cap.

The victim was assaulted and sustained minor injuries, according to prosecutors. He declined medical attention at the scene.”

CBS News

Octogenarians are granted a wide latitude in how they dress, they can wear tighty whitey drawers in lieu of a hat and nobody will bat an eye.

But nobody, not even senior citizens, can don a MAGA hat without provoking a visceral reaction.

The MAGA hat is the KKK hood of our generation, and it brands anyone wearing it as a racist.

I don`t condone or advocate violence, but I can certainly understand why a person of color would react violently to a yahoo with a MAGA hat.

I doubt that this old racist was assaulted, when somebody that freaking old is assaulted he`s going to sustain more than just minor injuries, in fact he will probably end up in intensive care.

We must respect our elders, but an old reprobate sporting a MAGA hat deserves a verbal lashing. I implore my readers to refrain from physically attacking an 80-something bigot wearing a MAGA hat, he will be in the hands of the devil soon enough.

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Democracy in Decline at the Hands of Donald Trump and Mike Pence


Nobody was surprised when the opening salvo in Donald Trump`s 2016 presidential campaign was a blatantly racist attack on Mexican immigrants, branding them criminals and rapists.

For decades Trump has fanned the flames of racial controversies, in the 70`s a young Trump and his KKK-loving father were sued over discriminatory rental practices in their New York apartments.

In 1989, after black and Latino teenagers from Harlem were accused of assaulting and raping a white woman in Central Park, Trump spend thousands placing full-page ads in the four daily newspapers in New York City, demanding their execution.

A decade and a half later when their sentences were overturned based on DNA evidence and the confession of the real rapist, Trump refused to apologize.

Trump ran a racist campaign, demonizing Muslims and Hispanic immigrants to appeal to his racist white evangelical base, and his presidency has been marked by racist tweets, comments and policies.

Once again I`m not surprised, very few racists ever have an epiphany.

But I am somewhat surprised by Trump`s anti-gay sentiments and policies since he became president. Trump has been a life-long racist, but as a businessman and as a reality TV star he never expressed any homophobic views. As an entertainer he had contact with many gays and lesbians in the entertainment industry, and he was friendly with many of them.

But when he made common cause with white evangelicals in order to win the presidency he adopted their anti-gay agenda. Hence his choice of the anti-gay bigot Mike Pence as his vice president and the banning of transgender soldiers from the military.

Pence is explicitly anti-LGBTQ, and has been throughout his political career. Pence uses his extreme brand of Christianity to justify his right to discriminate. He quotes scripture to justify treating women and gays and lesbians as second-class citizens.

Trump recognizes Pence as an anal-retentive religious zealot, but he gives his second-in-command free rein to treat gays and lesbians with disdain, because he realizes it solidifies his support with his evangelical base.

Trump and Pence are the most damaging one-two punch democracy has suffered in our lifetimes, and everyone who loves freedom and democracy must devote their lives to the impeachment and removal from office of both of them.