Bob Corker Blasts Donald Trump for Castrating Rex Tillerson

“US Republican senator Bob Corker stepped up his public feud with Donald Trump on Friday, saying the presidents undermining of his secretary of state was like castrating him in public.

Corker told the Washington Post in an interview that Trump had undercut Rex Tillerson`s efforts to enlist China in reining in North Korea`s nuclear program by denigrating the diplomat.

Tillerson told a news conference in Beijing two weeks ago that the US was directly communicating with North Korea on its nuclear and missile programs, but it had shown no interest in dialogue.

Trump took to Twitter the next day, saying Tillerson was `wasting his time` trying to negotiate with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.”

The Guardian

Donald Trump ridicules anyone who opposes his words or policies mercilessly on Twitter, but Senator Bob Corker seems to be impervious to the president`s sophomoric tweets.

Trump has turned one of his earliest and most fervent supporters into an implacable foe, and as chairman of the powerful Senate foreign relations committee Corker is in a position to block Trump`s agenda.

Corker is spot on, Trump has effectively castrated his Secretary of State in public rendering him impotent as America`s top diplomat.

Tillerson was spot on when he called Trump a “fuc*ing moron,” only a clueless president would tell his Secretary of State that he is wasting his time negotiating. Diplomats negotiate, that`s what they freaking do!

I wish there were more Republicans in Congress who would publicly condemn Trump for his despicable behavior and actions.

I wish that the Trump administration officials, like Tillerson, who privately bash their Dear Leader, would man up and quit, and publicly disavow him.

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Rex Tillerson is Right, Donald Trump is a Moron

“Discord between President Donald Trump and his chief diplomat is at an all-time high, spilling into public view in recent days and peaking with a NBC News report Wednesday that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Trump a moron in a Pentagon meeting.

Trump was aware before Wednesday`s report that Tillerson had referred to him as a `moron` at the Pentagon this summer, a source familiar with the conversation told CNN, but it`s unclear whether Trump discussed the remark with Tillerson. Trump was not present at the Pentagon meeting. A White House source also confirmed to CNN that Trump knew about the insult prior to Wednesday.

During a hastily arranged statement Wednesday morning, Tillerson insisted he enjoys a close relationship with Trump and called him `smart.` But he would not directly deny that he`d called Trump a `moron.`”


Donald Trump expects obsequiousness from his subordinates, and he considers their most important responsibility to shower him with praise.

To work in the Trump administration a man must sear his conscience and hand over his balls to the buffoon-in-chief on a silver platter.

By all accounts Rex Tillerson called Trump not just a moron, but a fuc*ing moron. There are good-natured morons, and then there are evil fuc*ing morons like Trump.

Tillerson didn`t explicitly deny referring to Trump as a moron, which left the fuc*ing moron seething in anger.

You don`t have to be a rocket scientist or a political analyst to deduce that Tillerson`s days are numbered.

Trump would have summarily fired Tillerson if it weren`t for the fact that too many administration officials have recently been fired or forced to resign.

If Tillerson has a shred of dignity he will resign before the fuc*ing moron fires him.

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