Cat Gags After Sniffing Salt and Vinegar Potato Chip

Cats are finicky eaters, my furball Tico weighs 25 pounds and you`d think he would eat anything that I put in his dish, but he will only eat “Fancy Feast” cat food. This brand sells over a dozen kinds of wet cat food, but he will only eat the salmon and tuna fish variety.

Felines are curious and Tico can`t resist sniffing a new Fancy Feast entree that I place in his dish, but if it`s not to his liking he will push the bowl away.

They say curiosity killed the cat and in this video a kitty gags after sniffing a salt and vinegar potato chip. It`s a good thing cats have nine lives, because my kitties have sniffed and tasted everything from mice to insects to shoes to God knows what.

This kitty survived his encounter with the salt and vinegar potato chip, but make sure you keep anything that might harm your pets in a safe place.