Donald Trump’s Incredibly Shrinking Wall


Donald Trump is suffering from an embarrassing shrinkage problem that only George Constanza could understand. I`m not referring to the puny presidential pecker, if that worm shrank you would need a microscope to see it.

I`m talking about Trump`s incredibly shrinking wall, during the presidential campaign he spoke of it in such lofty terms, that his base imagined a colossal structure that would rival the Great Wall of China.

Trump described his proposed wall as 1,000 miles long, made of concrete slabs, and rising 35 to 40 feet in the air.

And of course he repeated ad nauseam that Mexico would pay for the damned thing. Mexico will erect a phallic symbol taller than the Washington Monument in honor of Trump before it finances his boondoggle.

Trump has given up on the idea of having our Southern neighbor pay for the wall, and now his is holding nearly 1 million federal employees hostage in a bid to have taxpayers fund his monstrosity.

Trump`s rhetoric on his proposed wall between the United States and Mexico has changed, nowadays he`s just as likely to call it a fence, steel slabs or a barrier as he is to refer to it as a wall.

The mighty 1,000 mile wall has been downsized to a paltry 500 miles, and he might eventually settle for a 10 mile bead curtain, made in China.

The Democrats shouldn`t give an inch, let Trump explain to his fanatical base that the wall was just a rhetorical device, and that it will never be built.