Melania Trump Acknowledges Irony of Her Stance Against Cyberbullying

“First lady Melania Trump, wife of one of the most prolific Twitter agitators, acknowledged criticism of her stance against cyberbullying during an event on the topic Tuesday with technology leaders.

`I`m well aware that people are skeptical of me discussing this topic,` Trump said in her opening remarks during the cyberbullying summit at the White House. `I have been criticized for my commitment to tackling this issue and I know that will continue.`

The remarks appeared to address the contrast between her position against verbal attacks online and the fact that her husband, President Donald Trump, has frequently used Twitter to deride and mock his detractors.”


The Constitution doesn`t assign any political assignments to a First Lady, to make themselves useful every First Lady adopts a non-controversial pet project. Barbara Bush helped AIDS awareness, Rosalyn Carter became an advocate for refugees, Michelle Obama took on child obesity, and Melania Obama has made cyberbullying her cause.

Melania could have chosen world peace, the opioid epidemic, racial inequality or a hundred other causes, what on Earth compelled her to choose cyberbullying, when her husband is the biggest cyberbully in the world?

Melania embracing online abuse as her pet cause makes as much sense as Stormy Daniels choosing the pernicious effects of pornography on society as her favorite issue.

Melania addressed the elephant in the room and acknowledged that people are skeptical of her discussing that subject. Damn Skippy we are skeptical, Melamnia could raise worldwide awareness of the issue if she publicly condemned her husband for viciously berating his critics on Twitter. If Melania wants to take meaningful action against cyberbullying she should crush her husband`s tiny fingers or flush his cell phone down the toilet.

Despite the criticism Melania insists that she will continue her crusade to make the Internet a safe place for children. Melania is wasting her time, she has absolutely no credibility. What`s she going to do next, become an advocate for survivors of sexual harassment and sexual assault?

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