Melania Trump: Donald Trump and I are Fine

“US First Lady Melania Trump has dismissed speculation about the state of her marriage, saying her husband`s alleged extra-marital affairs are not her concern or focus because she has better things to do.

In an interview with ABC News, she said media speculation about her marriage was not `pleasant`.

Asked if she loves President Donald Trump, she said: `Yes, we are fine.`”


So Melania Trump isn`t concerned about speculation about the state of her marriage because she has better things to do. Really? Like deciding which outfit will provoke the most controversy and outrage or which Michelle Obama speech she will plagiarize for her next speaking engagement?

The state of their marriage is the main focus of most people, because if their marriage isn`t stable it will affect their careers, their family relationships and every other facet of their lives.

But when a gold-digger nude model gets married her husband`s numerous extra-marital affairs aren`t her main focus, her main concern is the state of her husband`s bank accounts.

If you ask any woman who loves her husband, “Do you love your husband?” she won`t respond, “Yes we are fine.” She will indignantly reply, “Of course I love my husband, I love him to death.”

But Melania doesn`t love Trump, she never has, the only thing she loves about him is his fat wallet.

I didn`t watch Melania`s first in-depth interview, she has as much gravitas as feces floating on a toilet bowl. I`m sick to death of Melania and her racist husband.

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Melania Trump’s Africa Trip Was a Fashion Disaster

Melania Trump`s first solo international trip was to Africa, perhaps she was seeking to make amends for her husband`s reference to the shithole countries of that great continent.

Or maybe she just wanted to get away as far as possible from her national embarrassment of a husband, her second international trip might be to Antarctica.

The First Lady is all fluff and no substance, naturally it was her wardrobe selection that caused controversy in Africa and in America.

Fashionistas in America mocked Melania for her beige suit, black tie and pith helmet that resembled the outfit that pop icon Michael Jackson wore in his “Smooth Criminal” video.

Citizens in Africa were outraged over Melania wearing a pith helmet on a safari in Nairobi National park in Kenya. While at the park she feed elephants and pretended to inspect them.

The controversial hat has a link to the colonial era and is a symbol of oppression. Would the clueless First Lady don a Stormtroopers brownshirt uniform while visiting Germany?

With his urine-colored hair, sphincter-shaped mouth and orange complexion Donald Trump looks like a freaking clown, and Melania Trump looks like Michael Jackson on crack, God the Trumps are such an embarrassment.

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First Lady Melania Trump Praises LeBron James

“First lady Melania Trump praised LeBron James less than a day after President Donald Trump lashed out at the NBA star on Twitter.

She also said she is open to visiting the school for underprivileged children James recently opened in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, which he said in an interview that aired last week prioritizes a holistic experience for students.”

Business Insider

This is a follow-up to my essay: Donald Trump Attacks LeBron James on Twitter!

Trump`s racist tweet was universally condemned, even the First Lady defended the character and integrity of the superstar athlete.

The tweet was blatantly racist, Trump invariably attacks the intelligence of prominent African Americans who disagree with his policies, he`s questioned the intelligence of Maxine Waters, Don Lemon and LiAngelo Ball.

First Lady spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham issued this statement:

“It looks like LeBron James is working to do good things on behalf of our next generation and just as she always has, the First Lady encourages everyone to have an open dialogue about issues facing children today.”

The statement also mentioned “responsible online behavior” and said that Melania would be open to visiting the school.

I don`t expect Melania to vociferously protest her husband`s online bullying behavior, but at least she subtly rebuked him by citing “responsible online behavior” in the same statement in which she defended James.

I hope she does visit the school for underprivileged children James opened in Akron, wouldn`t that be a slap on the face to Trump?

More Republicans need to “Be Best” and follow Melania`s example and rebuke Trump when he waxes racist on Twitter.

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Melania Trump Looked Horrified After Shaking Hands With Putin

“Donald Trump`s meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin on Monday was disaster-like for many reasons, but one totally overlooked part of it was the precise moment in which Melania Trump shook Putin`s hand and ended up with a look of pure terror on her face. Seriously, it was caught on camera for the entire world to see.”


Like a typical First Lady Melania Trump has a talent for putting on a smiling face when greeting foreign dignitaries and attending public events with her husband.

But sometimes the mask slips and for a brief moment we glimpse her true emotion, whether it be boredom, anger or sheer terror.

On January 20, 2017, as Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States, Melania looked ashen, but when he turned around to look at her, her face broke out into a beaming smile, and then instantly turned ice cold again when he turned back around.

Melania is unable to look adoringly at her husband, Mike Pence style, for a sustained period of time, her true feelings of disgust will inevitably explode to the surface.

When Melania Trump shook Russian President Vladimir Putin`s hand in Helsinki, a look of abject terror was frozen on her face. Keep in mind that poor Melania is forced to occasionally hold the grotesquely small hand of her husband, in other words she`s used to holding the hand of a monster.

Melania knows that her husband is an evil and stupid buffoon, but she instantly recognized that there`s no buffoonery or stupidity in Putin, only pure evil, and that scared the hell out of her.

If only Trump realized that Putin isn`t his buddy or a friendly competitor, but a ruthless dictator who`s making him his bitch.

Link to video and photos of Melania`s sheer terror upon meeting Putin:

Melania Trump Doesn’t Care

Donald Trump`s callous, cynical and inhumane immigration policy that separates children from their parents at the border is antithetical to the compassion and love of Jesus Christ as depicted in the Gospels. Trump`s evangelical base, for the most part, supports his immigration policies, but it`s anathema to most Americans, including many Republican Congressional leaders.

In an effort to put a human face on the administration`s immigration policy Melania Trump went to a Texas detention center. The incisive questions she posed to the staff demonstrated that she was well-versed on the subject, and her concern for the migrant children was manifest.

But the First Lady blasted the good optics of her trip to Texas by wearing a green, hooded military jacket with huge graffiti-style message that read: I really don`t care, do u?

When asked what message the first lady intended to send, spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said: “It`s a jacket. There was no hidden message. After today`s important visit to Texas, I hope the media isn`t going to choose to focus on her wardrobe. ”

Grisham is correct that there was no subliminal message, it was loud and clear: I really don`t care! Why did Melania choose to wear a heavy coat, in 80 degree heat no less, on a day when she was trying to show that she empathizes with the plight of migrant children?

This essay isn`t a critique of Melania`s fashion sensibilities, I don`t give a crap what designer she wears, it`s an indictment of the message written on the damn jacket.

“I really don`t care” is the mission statement of the Trump administration, the president and his cabinet don`t care about immigrants, the environment, women`s rights, gay and lesbian rights, to say nothing about our democratic institutions.

Melania, we get the message: You really don`t care.

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Melania Weighs In on Trump’s Inhumane Immigration Policy

“First Lady Melania Trump, an immigrant, hates to see other immigrants have their children ripped out of their arms and stored in former Walmarts.

The First Lady doesn`t typically descend from her tower to comment on the dirty world of politics, but apparently, the images of crying toddlers and stories of distraught parents committing suicide when their kids are taken away is just too much for the noted anti-cyberbullying expert to bear and she has made a rare statement.

`Mrs. Trump hates to see children separated from their families and hopes both sides of the aisle can finally come together to achieve successful immigration reform,` her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, told CNN Sunday. `She believes we need to be a country that follows all laws, but also a country that governs with heart.` Basically, she wants her husband`s administration to be best.”

Fast Company

Melania Trump rarely opines on current events or the policies of the White House, in fact we rarely hear a peep out of her on any subject. She`s so reticent she makes former First Lady Pat Nixon look like Chatty Cathy.

I can`t say that I blame Melania for keeping a low profile, English isn`t her first language. Melania`s handlers haven`t done her any favors by plagiarizing the speeches of Michelle Obama in preparing her own orations.

But Melania, an immigrant herself, has lent her voice to outraged citizens who vehemently oppose the Trump`s administration`s Nazi-like policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at the border.

Melania didn`t exactly speak truth to power, but her mild rebuke is nevertheless significant considering she`s married to the orange bastard.

The current FLOTUS joins her predecessors Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Laura Bush in speaking out against the inhumane policy.

We aren`t married to Trump (Thank God), and we aren`t under any constraints, and it`s incumbent upon us to loudly condemn his barbaric policy in no uncertain terms.

What are you going to say when your grandchildren ask you what you did to oppose Trump`s oppressive regime?

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Where in the Name of God is Melania?

“Questions around Melania Trumps reported hospitalization for kidney surgery have intensified as it`s been noted by White House reporters and on social media that the first lady hasn`t been seen in public for at least 15 days.

According to the Washington Post, the length of Mrs. Trump`s absence is long even for a woman who`s not known to crave the spotlight.”

The Mercury News

Never mind “Where`s Waldo?,” where in the name of God is Melania?

The First Lady underwent an embolization procedure to treat a benign kidney condition at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on May 14, and she hasn`t been seen since.

Here`s my guesses:

Mayo Clinic

The White House can`t be trusted to tell the truth, maybe the “benign kidney condition” is really a cancerous growth, and she`s undergoing life-saving treatment at the renowned medical center.

Meeting with Mueller

When her no-good husband referred to her as “Melanie” that was the last straw, and homegirl is now spilling the beans to the Special Counsel in a series of top-secret meetings.

Interviewing Divorce Lawyers

Divorcing the President of the United States is a legal and emotional nightmare, and Melania has to interview dozens of lawyers before she chooses the right one.

Digging a Tunnel

That sinkhole was her first attempt at freedom, she`s still busy digging until she`s escaped the swamp that`s the White House.

Meeting with Stormy Daniels

The First Lady is commiserating with the porn star about how rotten Trump is, and at the same time getting tips on how to become an adult movie actress.

Practicing Dancing

Melania can read the writing on the wall, and she knows that her hubby will soon be impeached, and she must prepare for life after being First Lady, and DWTS is a good place to start.


She`s in the Great White North where many patriots have fled from the Trump administration.


Donald Trump has ruined America to the extent that even a nondescript country like Slovenia is a better place.

Who care`s “Where`s Melania?” why can`t Donald Trump disappear into the same black hole?

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Outrage! April Ryan Says Melania Trump Isn’t ‘Culturally American’

“CNN contributor April Ryan was not impressed with Melania Trump`s Be Best campaign, saying that the first lady was not culturally American.

`This is a first lady who is not culturally American, but she is learning the ways,` Ryan told `OutFront` host Erin Burnett on Monday evening of the campaign.

The `Be Best` campaign, which was launched at the White House on Monday, will focus on children, specifically curbing opioid abuse and cyberbullying.

Melania Trump was born in Slovenia and became an American citizen in 2006.”

The Wrap

April Ryan serves as a White House correspondent and is the Washington, D.C., bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks.

I have tremendous respect for Ryan, she speaks truth to power and she can always be counted on to challenge White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, especially when it comes to issues of race.

But I take issue with her statement that Melania Trump isn`t culturally American. The First Lady is a very private person, and the public, including journalists, know very little about her.

One of the few things we know about her is that she`s not fluent in English, but give the lady a break, she speaks five languages.

Is Ryan implying that people who speak broken English aren`t culturally American? The naturalized Hispanic citizen who mows our lawns, and the naturalized Chinese citizen who dry-cleans our clothes may not speak fluent English fluently but they are just as American as April Ryan.

April Ryan owes Melania Trump an apology, it`s not our proficiency in English but our citizenship that makes us Americans.

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Is Melania Trump Mocked More Than Any Other First Lady?

Conservatives have their MAGA panties in a twist over Jimmy Kimmel poking fun at Melania Trump`s Slovenian accent as she was reading a children`s book to children at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll event.

“Never stop exploring, cause life would be boring. Be clever be curious just like a cat. Ask lots of questions about this and that,” Melania read.

“Like dis and dat, ” the late night comic said, impersonating an Easter European accent and then joking to his sidekick, Guillermo Rodriquez, that he could be First Lady.

Melania should read that children`s book to her husband at bedtime, maybe it will encourage him to read instead of wasting time watching “Fox and Friends:`

I actually think Melania rocked when she was reading to the little kids, it sounded like she was channeling Snoop Dogg on “Nothing but a G Thang”:

It`s like dis and like dat and like dis and a-
It`s like dat and like dis and like dat and a-
It`s like dis, and who gives a fuc* about those?
So just chill `til the next episode.

In their alternate reality conservatives claim that no First Lady has been demeaned and mocked more than Melania. Bitch, please!

Michelle Obama caught holy hell from evangelicals for daring to bare her arms, while they remain mute about Melania`s softcore porn lesbian photographs from her modeling days.

I don`t make fun of Melania`s accent, good God English is her fourth or fifth language. But I do fault her for not raising her voice, in any language, to protest her husband`s misogyny, racism and bullying nature.

It`s like dis and like dat,

chill out bitches,

Donald Trump is the one we be aiming for.

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Donald Trump, Melania Trump and the Easter Bunny

“President Donald Trump delivered another of his classic campaign rally speeches from the White House this morning, boasting about the economy and his build-up of spending on the military, with a giant pink-eared bespectacled bunny at his side.

Trump`s address was his way of commemorating the 140th annual White House Easter Egg Roll – a tradition that dates back to 1878

“This is a special year. Our country is doing great. You look at the economy; you look at what`s happening,” Trump told the large gathering of children standing below him on the White House lawn.”


President Donald Trump delivered a campaign style speech from a balcony in the White House, he was flanked on one side by Melania Trump (looking as if she was sucking on a lemon), and on the other by a giant bunny.

Melania`s default expression is glum, the parade of porn stars and Playboy bunnies claiming to have knocked boots with the president is taking its toll. Not that I feel sorry for the former model, if she had a shred of integrity she would kick her hubby to the curb.

The appearance of the bespectacled bunny at Trump`s side lends the appropriate Alice in Wonderland atmosphere to the occasion. As far as I`m concerned Trump should never deliver a speech without the presence of the bunny, considered that all that emanates from his sphincter-shaped mouth is tomfoolery, inaccuracies and flat-out lies.

Trump was speaking to a large gathering of children standing below him on the White House lawn. I`m sure the kids weren`t paying any attention to him, their minds were on Easter eggs.

If only we were as wise as children, and didn`t pay any attention to Trump when he delivers a speech.

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