White Evangelicals Have Made Porn Kosher

“Conan O`Brien poked fun at President Donald Trump`s evangelical supporters over claims they are helping to bring porn into the mainstream on Tuesday.

The late-night comedian noted how some people were accusing evangelicals of normalizing porn due to their unwavering support of Trump, who allegedly had an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels in 2006.

`In response, evangelicals say: We`re in favor of any situation that makes people scream, `Oh, God,` O`Brien quipped.”

Huffington Post

White evangelical leaders have given President Donald Trump a mulligan over his sexual fling with porn star Stormy Daniels, thereby reducing watching porn to a venial sin, and giving born-again Christians a holy dispensation to watch porn.

If an evangelical mother catches her son watching the sexual acrobatics of Stormy on his cell phone, she`d better not say a damn word.

Conan O`Brien is spot-on, Trump`s evangelical supporters have brought porn into the mainstream.

White evangelical leaders and their followers engaged in a holy crusade to support Trump`s presidential candidacy even though he was caught on tape bragging about grabbing women by their genitals. No longer is it a sin to support a politician with dozens of credible accusations of sexual harassment against him.

White evangelical leaders supported pedophile Judge Roy Moore with a holy fervor, thereby bringing child molestation into the political mainstream. No longer can a senatorial candidate be dismissed out of hand simply because he trolled middle schools and high schools for young girls.

White evangelicals have given their tacit support for every kind of sexual sin under the sun, well maybe not every sexual sin. Had Moore been accused of molesting Boy Scouts, evangelicals would tear him limb from limb. And if Donald Trump was caught having sex with Mike Pence in the Lincoln Bedroom, evangelicals would demand that the sodomite be impeached.

It is imperative that the few evangelicals who haven`t sworn allegiance to the antichrist figure of Trump join other true Christians, and Americans of other faiths and no faith in denouncing Trump, and calling for his impeachment.

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