Let’s Pray Joel Osteen Won’t Survive Hurricane Harvey Scandal

Joel Osteen was back behind the podium on Sunday after belatedly opening his megachurch to the survivors of the Hurricane Harvey flooding.

His sermonette/motivational speech/Prosperity Gospel message usually lasts 30 minutes, but the unrelenting backlash that`s been heaped on him on social media must have quenched his spirit, the plastic smile was still omnipresent but he managed to deliver only a six-minute speech.

Osteen`s Sunday service at Lakewood Church, attracted only a couple of thousand true believers, down from the usual crowd of 16,000. I`m an optimist, and I believe that it`s not only the chaos caused by the flooding but also disgust at Osteen`s un-Christian spirit that depressed the turnout.

For the umpteenth time since Osteen shut the doors of his church to the desperate Harvey survivors he attempted to justify himself. He even compared himself to the Biblical David, citing Psalms 35: I am attacked by people I don`t even know. “David, I feel your pain, and you didn`t have social media, David.”

Osteen has proved by his failure to minister to the people of Houston that he`s not a Christian, and truth be told he`s no David either. Osteen can best be compared to the heathen Goliath, he is the head of an evangelical empire that rakes in millions every week by deceiving the foolish and the desperate.

We can only hope and pray that Osteen won`t survive this scandal, and that he will never again attract crowds of 16,000.

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Joel Osteen: Poster Boy for the Evil that Lurks in the Human Heart

“Pastor Joel Osteen has gone viral in all the wrong ways.

The Houston megachurch leader has seen his name trend repeatedly in the days since Hurricane Harvey brought floods to the city, in large part because his 16,500-seat Lakewood Church wasn`t open to those seeking shelter.

Osteen insisted there were `safety issues` caused by the flooding, but he also said it was because the church was never asked by the city to become a shelter.

`If they would have asked us to become a shelter early on, we would have prepared for it,` he told NBC`s `Today` on Wednesday.”

Huffington Post

Prior to Hurricane Harvey televangelist Joel Osteen wasn`t really in the national consciousness, he was just a nano second of brilliant teeth as we channel surfed, but now he`s become the poster boy for the evil that lurks in the human heart.

Pastor Joel Osteen has gone viral in the worst way, he (deservedly) has elicited more venom on social media than Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump.

As a frequent critic of televangelism I`ve been aware for decades of how Osteen fleeces God`s flock by peddling his heretical Prosperity Gospel, but now the entire world knows the frightful extent of his wickedness.

While mosques, hotels, department stores and other public buildings were opening their doors to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, without being asked, the door of Osteen`s church remained closed.

It`s a blessing that Osteen`s anti-Christian nature has been exposed; I can only pray that his evangelical empire, that has been built on the backs of the elderly and the foolish, will crumble.

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Donald Trump Used Hurricane Harvey as Cover to Pardon Joe Arpaio

Natural disasters bring to light the worst of Mother Nature and the best of human beings, the courage and determination of the victims and first responders remind us of the indomitability of the human spirit.

Natural disasters also reveal the character of the President of the United States. President George Bush was on vacation when Hurricane Katrina made landfall, and as the nation watched the devastation in horror, the president remained on vacation, he didn`t return back to the White House until a couple of days later.

On his way back, Bush had Air Force One fly over part of the devastated area and he glimpsed the wreckage from the plane. The photo of Bush looking out the window of his presidential plane became one of the defining images of his tenure.

A picture speaks a thousand words, and that photograph spoke of the president`s detachment from the concerns of everyday people. Since most of the victims in the hardest-hit areas were African-Americans it also spoke of his insensitivity towards people of color. In Kanye`s immortal words, “Bush doesn`t care about black people.”

The Bush presidency never recovered from Hurricane Katrina, and President Donald Trump failed to learn from Bush`s bungling of the natural disaster.

Hours before Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, Donald Trump left the White House for a weekend getaway in Camp David.

Trump used Hurricane Harvey as a cover for announcing controversial measures, the pardon of racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the signing of a memo which bans transgender individuals from newly enlisting in the military.

Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005 during Bush`s second term, and the Iraq war had already severely weekend him. Hurricane Harvey struck Texas only seven months into Trump`s administration, but his countless scandals and mistakes have already crippled his administration.

Trump is ill-equipped to lead our nation during the best of times, God help us when he`s at the helm during a natural disaster or a terrorist attack.

For God`s sake, we must get rid of the bastard, one way or another, as soon as possible.

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