Bill Maher on Donald Trump: It’s Like Watching a Toddler Playing With a Gun


“Its been almost a month, will I ever get used to Trump? Fuck no. Its like watching a toddler playing with a gun – you’re always nervous”

Bill Maher

Donald Trump is a racist clown who doesn’t have the temperament, experience, knowledge or wisdom to be president of the United States, however I don’t subscribe to the #notmypresident sentiment. Trump won, fair and square, and he’s the president of all Americans: Republicans, Democrats and Independents.

However,I share Maher’s apprehensions about Trump being the leader of the Free World. I don’t have a lot of faith that we will survive his administration without America plunging into a financial meltdown or a nuclear winter.

Witnessing Trump playing president is like watching a toddler playing with a gun — you’re praying that it’s not loaded, and that his tiny hands will be unable to pull the trigger.

Actually I’m more afraid of Trump playing with his smartphone: Will he tweet that Israel needs to go Medieval on Iran or will he call the tinpot dictator of North Korea and tell him that he loves his hairdo? Both of those actions could lead to World War III!

President Donald Trump? Sad.