Tiny Pooch Sitting on Driver’s Lap Howls His Fool Head Off to the Music

This video uploaded by Weekly Standard reporter Haley Byrd makes up for all the conservative propaganda published by the aforementioned magazine.

The tiny pooch is zipped inside the reporter`s hoodie, and he`s howling along to a string quartet cover of a U2 song.

Unlike Byrd I`m a real man and I don`t ride with a lap dog, my German Shepherd/Pit Bull mix, Mandy, often rides shotgun with me as we cruise the highways and byways.

We listen to classic rock like Creedence Clearwater Revival or the Rolling Stones as we run our errands, and Mandy often demonstrates her approval of my tunes by barking in delight.

Although Byrd`s dog is cute as heck as he howls with his little head sticking out of the hoodie, riding with a dog on your lap is dangerous for the canine as well as the driver, and not to mention other drivers sharing the road with them.

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Japanese Town Offering Discount Funerals for Seniors Who Give Up Driving

“A Japanese town is offering elderly drivers discount funerals as an incentive to give up their licenses — and hopefully delay their own memorials.

The Ichinomiya Police Department is partnering with the Heiankaku funeral home, which has 89 locations in Aichi prefecture, to offer 15 percent discounts on funeral services for elderly residents who agree to forfeit their driver`s licenses.

Recent statistics released by prefecture police indicated drivers over the age of 75 were blamed for 13 percent of the prefecture`s fatal traffic collisions in 2016.


Kudos to the Japanese town of Heiankaku for trying to convince elderly drivers to forfeit their driver`s licenses.

The elderly are a menace on the road; they tend to drive huge cars; they impede the flow of traffic by driving too damn slow, and their motor skills are too slow to react to quickly changing traffic conditions.

As soon as a driver reaches the age of 65 his license should be revoked, and as compensation he should be granted a 25 percent discount on Uber.

The only motorized vehicle a person over age 65 should drive is a Hoveround scooter.

Whenever there is an accident involving a senior citizen and a normal driver, the police offer should always assume the old person is at fault.

In a perfect world our highways and byways would be senior citizen free zones.

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