Donald Trump and His Propaganda Arm Fox News

The Fox News Network stopped using the “fair and balanced” tagline a while back, a tacit admission that as the propaganda arm of the White House it’s neither fair or balanced.

The prime time opinion hosts of the conservative network (Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham) resemble Joseph Goebbels, Adolph Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, more than they do objective analysts. Only a Trump cultist would be satisfied by the reporting and commentary offered by Fox News.

Trump enjoys a symbiotic relationship with his favorite news network. He praises his favorite Fox News personalities on Twitter, and grants interviews to Fox News on a regular basis while shunning the broadcast TV news programs and CNN and MSNBC, and it return he expects glowing coverage. To sum it up he generates ratings for Fox News and in return they treat him like the Second Coming of Ronald Reagan.

Make no mistake about it, Trump views Fox News as the media arm of his White House, and he throws a tantrum whenever the network provides air time to any of the Democratic presidential hopefuls.

The mutually beneficial relationship between Trump and Fox News has become strained after Fox hosted town hall meetings for Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar and Mayor Pete. After Sanders got the town hall treatment from Fox Trump tweeted:

“So weird to watch Crazy Bernie on @FoxNews. Not surprisingly, @BretBaier and the ‘audience’ was so smiley and nice. Very strange, and now we have @donnabrazile?”

Notice the use of the word “we”, Trump views Fox News as an integral part of his reelection campaign.

And after the Mayor Pete town hall aired on Fox News, Trump tweeted:

Hard to believe that @FoxNews is wasting airtime on Mayor Pete, as Chris Wallace likes to call him. Fox is moving more and more to the losing (wrong) side in covering the Dems. They got dumped from the Democrats boring debates, and they just want in.”

He also referred to the South Bend, Indiana, mayor again as longtime Mad Magazine mascot Alfred E. Neuman. When Trump is frustrated he reverts to using childish nicknames to refer to his political opponents.

I hope the head honchos at Fox News will have an epiphany and realize that their cozy relationship with Trump is destroying their credibility and enabling a tyrant.

Oh for the old days when Fox News could get away with semi-plausibly using the slogan “Fair and Balanced.”

White Evangelical Hypocrites Aren’t Bothered When Trump Curses

It’s not surprising that a functional illiterate like Donald Trump has a penchant for using 4-letter words, you don’t have to consult a thesaurus when the stable genius is delivering a stump speech. Any middle school student can understand his speeches and appreciates his frequent use of profane language.

By all accounts Trump curses like a sailor on crack in private, and in public he can’t help himself from uttering obscenities, but lately his use of coarse language in public has increased, especially the use of “bullshit.”

During a recent speech to the National Association of Realtors in which Trump denied being in conflict with his advisers over Iran, he accused the media of making up sources for its reporting.

“There is no source, the person doesn’t exist, the person’s not alive. It’s bullshit, OK. It’s bullshit.”

The use of the swearword wasn’t s slip of the tongue, he repeated the epithet twice for emphasis.

There hasn’t been any outrage over Trump’s predilection for cursing from Republican leaders, even from ones who make a fetish out of “family values”.

Let me call bullshit on the hypocrisy of the GOP, can you imagine the outrage if President Barack Obama has uttered just one “bullshit” during a speech? The Republicans would have been all over him like white on rice; they would have accused him of demeaning the presidency and moral depravity. There would have been racially-tinged condemnations galore. I can imagine a Republican blowhard saying that you can take the boy out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the boy, even though Obama has never lived in the inner city.

I call bullshit on the evangelicals condemnations of the corruption that they say emanates from Hollywood! Until they condemn their Orange Messiah for the filth that spews from his mouth, they can shut the fuc* up.

Does Trump Use a Sophisticated Algorithm Software to Generate His Tweets?

Donald Trump’s tweets are bonkers, to use a psychological word. I can hear a chorus of “no shit” from my progressive readers.

But what if dementia or vanity aren’t responsible for Trump’s incoherent tweets? Bear with me now, what if the stable genius employs a sophisticated algorithm software to generate his tweets?

The fuc*ing moron types a message on his favorite social media platform that’s somewhat coherent and semi-logical, and then the app turns it into a typical Trumpian tweet that freezes your brain and deadens your soul.

The funky algorithm randomly capitalizes words, invents new words (covfefe), fractures the syntax and misspells words. The source code must have been written by a racist, because there’s usually at least a tinge of racism in Trump’s tweets.

You may be thinking: your wacky theory may be correct, but why would the short-fingered vulgarian use such an app?

Why you ask? Perhaps there’s method to Trump’s madness, and there is as much Machiavellian trickery as there is buffoonery at work. Trump intends to leave his critics in a perpetual state of confusion so they will be incapable of adequately countering his nefarious policies.

Louisiana Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser Wears Wacky Trump Socks

It’s not uncommon for a voter to express homage to his political hero by donning a tie. I’ve seen more than one MAGA cultist wearing a Trump tie, and I don’t mean a Trump brand tie but a wacky tie featuring Trump’s unique visage.

There’s always that one zealot who takes things to an extreme to demonstrate his fealty to his favorite politician, witness Roger Stone who has a huge tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back.

Somewhere in the middle is Louisiana Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser who wore socks depicting the face of Trump. In an exhibition of abject humiliation Nungesser even hiked his trouser leg so that Trump could take a good look at them.

I would be too embarrassed to wear a Trump pin on my suit or have a Trump bumper sticker on my car. I wouldn’t want my friends to lose all respect for me knowing that I support a racist ignorant buffoon.

The only Trump-themed article of clothing I might wear is a pair of Trump drawers. I wouldn’t change them for a week figuring that a feces encrusted and urine-stained underwear is the perfect tribute for the stable genius.  

Donald Trump’s Tweets: The First Rough Draft of History

The late David Carr, the New York Times culture and media critic famously quipped that Trump’s tweets are the first rough draft of contemporary American history.

“Rough draft” is an understatement, Trump doesn’t employ any editors or fact checkers to correct his syntax, spelling errors and outright lies. Even though Trump is cognizant that his tweets can rock the stock market, ignite political dissent at home and abroad, and cause citizens to doubt his sanity, he promiscuously tweets without giving it any thought or consideration.

Before a reporter’s story is published by the Washington Post or the New York Times it’s vetted by lawyers for any possible legal liabilities, editors for grammatical mistakes and fact checkers for truth and veracity. Trump, the most influential publisher in the world by virtue of his Tweeter feed, answers to no one and tweets away like a glutton farting away after a huge banquet.

It’s not the broadcast TV evening newscasts or the cable news outlets that directs or controls the news cycles, it’s Trump’s Twitter machine. Of course, the major news outlets and bloggers are complicit in Trump’s stranglehold on the news cycle, but how can we be blamed for commenting on the tweets of the Leader of the Free World?

One day Trump’s tweets will be intensely studied by historians, educators, and students of the media. They will surely wonder how the confluence of the rise of social media and the rise of a populist racist almost destroyed American democracy.

Should Melania Divorce Trump and Marry a Dildo?

In his editorial New Rule, Bill asks for help from the only person who might be able to knock out Donald Trump: Melania. Maher askes the first lady to leave President Trump, preferably for a Mexican.

Real Clear Politics

Melania’s long career trajectory from glorified escort to supermodel to Trump’s trophy wife has only one satisfying conclusion: She divorces her worthless husband and marries a billionaire, preferably a Mexican, say Carlos Slim. She can simply explain to Trump that she’s upgrading from a millionaire who pretends to be a billionaire to a real billionaire worth $60 billion.

I can think of an even better outcome: Melania kicks Trump to the curb and marries a Mexican woman, preferably a housekeeper. She can simply explain that this time she’s marrying for love, and that the love of her sweetheart is worth more than Trump’s millions.

Or better yet: Melania divorces Trump, and simply explains that she’s traded in her husband and his mushroom-shaped puny pecker for a gold-plated dildo.

Multiple bankruptcies, and being exposed as a fraud and a con artist have failed to humiliate the egomaniac, but if Melania took Maher’s advice he would be so crushed that he might just resign and hide out in Mar-a-Lago for the rest of his miserable life.

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The Donald Trump Crime Family

Donald Trump is the Godfather of a crime family, and it should come as no surprise that his administration isn’t full of wise statesmen and honest public servants, but grifters, back-biters, con artists, and publicity whores.

Trump doesn’t trust or tolerate an honest person in his administration for the same reason a law-abiding person is anathema is a crime syndicate: an upright individual would get in the way of making money by any means necessary.

When a mafia boss suspects that an underboss or the consigliere may be plotting to take over the outfit he has him whacked. When a Cabinet member or member of Trump’s administration is getting too much publicity or he doesn’t toe the company line to the letter, the stable genius throws him under the bus.

Nobody leaves the Trump administration, whether he departs via resignation or termination, with his reputation and dignity intact. Just ask Sean Spicer, Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions … Well, you get the point.

Not that I feel sorry for any of these characters, after all if you go to bed with a $50 hooker don’t be surprised if you get an STD, and your reputation in tatters if you’re arrested.

If Trump replaced the massive front oak door in the White House with a revolving door, and stationed bar bouncers instead of Marine sentries, there would still be a long line of ne’er-do-wells seeking employment.

A huge pile of steaming dung always attracts flies, the White House needs to be fumigated, and I hope and pray that voters will take care of business in 2020.

There’s a Reason Why Donald Trump is a Golfer and Not a Bowler

Professional golfers live by an honor code, one that requires calling penalties on themselves, and indeed this gentleman’s game has witnessed PGA golfers call penalties on themselves that has cost them tournaments.

However, golf lends itself to cheating and cheating is par for the course when scoundrels the likes of Donald Trump are playing the game. In fact, sportswriter Rick Reilly wrote “Commander in Cheat”, chronicling the myriad ways Trump cheats in golf.

The White House Bowling Alley was recently renovated at great expense, and one has to wonder why since Trump never bowls. Bowling isn’t the short-fingered vulgarian’s favorite pastime, he can’t get away with cheating at bowling as easily as he can on the golf course. To say nothing about the fact that it’s almost impossible for Trump to pick up a bowling ball with his tiny hands.

A bowling ball’s tiny holes are custom-made for Trump’s puny manhood, and when the escort line is busy I wouldn’t be surprised if he defiles a bowling ball.

Dear Lord, I think I just made myself so sick that I may never go bowling again.

Donald Trump is the Epitome of the ‘Ugly American’

Donald Trump is the “Ugly American” on steroids, the coarse and vulgar putative “Leader of the Free World” treats our NATO allies with contempt, and exhibits an affinity for dictators the likes of Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un and Rodrigo Duterte.

Trump isn’t saddled with a George Bush type “Freedom Agenda” that foolishly attempts to make Jeffersonian democracies out of third world failed states like Iraq or Afghanistan.

Trump believes in American Exceptionalism, only he believes it’s our super-charged economy and our nuclear arsenal that makes us great, and not our democratic and humane values.

Trump has repeatedly stated that, after conquering Iraq, “we should have kept the oil.” This isn’t a gaffe or an inartful phrase, but a statement that reveals his mission statement: Make America Great domestically and internationally by exerting American power and dominance.

America was founded on the genocide of Native Americans and the enslavement of Africans, and it’s this innately American ruthlessness that Trump cherishes. Trump has no desire to be the most popular leader in the world, he seeks only to be the most feared one, and towards that end he bullies our nearest allies Canada and Mexico, as well as our European friends.

Trump has no desire to see democracy thrive in Venezuela, North Korea, Iran or Syria, he wants only to see these authoritarian states cower under American might. He doesn’t want to plant the American flags in these hot spots, although he wouldn’t mind seeing Trump-branded properties in these faraway lands.

Unfortunately, for Trump he doesn’t instill fear in foreign lands, the world doesn’t see him as a Joseph Stalin like leader, but as a Ronald McDonald clown on crack.

Trump has miserably failed in making America the envy and fear of the world, he’s succeeded only in making us the laughingstock of the world.

For the sake of democracy in the homeland and our reputation abroad, we must elect a normal human being as president in 2020.

Donald Trump Indulging in ‘God Talk’ to Pander to White Evangelicals

Donald Trump is consumed with expanding his business empire and burnishing his brand, and demeaning and ridiculing any perceived threats to his financial dynasty or his political power.

There is simply no room in Trump’s consciousness for God, a belief in a Creator isn’t congruent with his business model of winning by any means necessary. Although expressing a belief in the Biblical God is necessary to hold onto his evangelical base.

I give Trump credit for not pretending to be a devout Christian, he almost never mentions God, and he famously declared that he’s never asked the Supreme Being for forgiveness, because he’s never done anything wrong. Never mind that he commits the Seven Deadly Sins on an almost daily basis, and by all accounts he’s a moral degenerate.

Trump has never attended church regularly in his adult life, in fact the only time he darkens the doors of a church are on Christmas and Easter. Maybe if a white evangelical congregation names their church after Trump, he might attend church more regularly.

Recently Trump has started to invoke the name of God, religious rhetoric is creeping into his stump speeches that are still dominated by xenophobia, misogyny, racist dog whistles and just plain buffoonery.

On Thursday, Trump celebrated the National Day of Prayer at the White House, and he said the Almighty had helped him persevere through the ordeal of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Trump doesn’t drink or take illicit drugs, I imagine that what really helped him persevere through the ordeal of the Mueller investigation was hookers and hamburgers.

In that same speech Trump also said:

“One of the things that Mike and I were discussing just a little while ago—people are so proud to be using that beautiful word, God, and they’re using the word God again, and they’re not hiding from it. They’re not being told to take it down, and they’re not saying we can’t honor God. In God we trust. So important.”

Yeah, Right. It will be a cold day in hell when Trump discusses the Almighty with Pence. In fact, the only context in which Trump would discuss God with Pence is when he is admonishing on how to look at him when he is delivering a speech:

Listen Pence you holy rolling piece of shit! You’d better gaze at me adoringly while I’m speaking. Just pretend I’m your daddy or you’re freaking God!

So what’s up with Trump employing more God talk? Let’s just say that God didn’t help him persevere through the ordeal of the Mueller investigation, but invoking God is helping him deal with its aftermath. Throw in a few God is beautiful comments, and his evangelical base might be distracted from the finding of the Special Counsel’s report, namely that he obstructed justice and that his administration is a shit show.