Donald Trump Vs Joe Biden is a Vomit-Inducing Nightmare

Groper of little girls

“President Donald Trump called Joe Biden weak and said he is not worried about a potential challenge from the former vice president in the 2020 presidential race, during a phone interview with Fox News` Jeanine Pirro Saturday night.”


At this early stage of the 2020 presidential campaign former Vice President Joe Biden is the leading contender for the Democratic nomination. But considering Biden is 76 and Trump is 72, is doubtful that these surly septuagenarians will live long enough to battle it out in 2020.

There is no love lost between Biden and Trump, on occasion their rhetoric has included threats of physical confrontation. In March 2018 during a speech at the University of Miami Biden said:

They asked me if I`d like to debate this gentleman, and I said `no.` I said, `If we were in high school, I`d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.` “

Trump, the infamous counterpuncher, immediately responded on Twitter:

Crazy Joe Biden is trying to act like a tough guy. Actually, he is weak, both mentally and physically, and yet he threatens me, for the second time, with physical assault. He doesn`t know me, but he would go down fast and hard, crying all the way. Don`t threaten people Joe!

I would pay a small fortune to watch a pay-per-view death match between Crazy Joe Biden and Sociopath Donald Trump.

They would of course require a five minute break in between rounds to change their diapers and for oxygen therapy.

Trump would plant prepubescent girls on the front row to distract the notorious fondler of little girls, and Biden would seat strippers and porn stars to distract the notorious sexual predator.

Even though Trump is younger than Biden he can`t go the distance because he`s so damn fat, he would have to engineer a way to dispatch his opponent quickly.

Trump is an expert at trash talking, and he could attempt to trigger a stroke or a heart attack by attacking Biden verbally throughout the match. Some examples:

Hey Joe, your few gaffes have cost you dearly, but my loyal base finds it endearing when I spit out gaffes like a machine gun on Twitter and during my speeches.

Hey Joe, sorry your son died of terminal brain cancer, but at least he didn`t have a reputation of groping little girls.

Sorry for the mean nature of these taunts, but I`m channeling the short-fingered vulgarian.

If there`s a God in heaven Biden would die of a heart attack as a result of Trump`s cruel barbs, and Trump would die from sheer physical exhaustion.

The last thing I want to see is Trump and Biden slug it out in the 2020 presidential election.

Despite Mike Pence’s Obsequiousness Donald Trump Treats Him Like Dirt

Mr. Brown Nose

When a woman signs a contract to work as an exotic dancer at a strip club she knows that she`s in for world of humiliation besides the inherent degradation of exposing her body parts to leering and ogling men for a few dollars.

She won`t have union representation, health insurance or any fringe benefits. The owner of the club will expect her to perform lap dances and other sexual favors for paying customers, ultimately she`s as disposable as a dirty and ripped pair of thongs.

When a person accepts a position in the Trump administration he knows that he is in for a world of humiliation. We have witnessed a parade of captains of industry, educators and politicians accept positions in Trump`s administration only to resign or be fired months later with their dignity and reputation in shatters. In Trump`s world respected career politicians and even generals are as disposable as one of his wives who has reached her expiration date.

Vice President Mike Pence is no exception to this rule despite his obsequiousness and servile attitude towards his master, he has repeatedly been humiliated by him.

Trump`s treatment of Pence during the shutdown is just the latest example. Trump initially signaled that he would back a funding bill without money for his precious wall, dispatching Pence to the Senate to tell Republicans that he was on board.

But as he is wont to do Trump later reversed himself after Ann Coulter and other far right loonies ripped him a new a-hole, leaving Pence looking pitiful, powerless and pathetic.

When the government shut down, Trump again dispatched Pence to the Senate, and he worked out a compromise deal with the Democrats of only $2.5 billion in wall funding.

But Trump made his loyal second-in-command look like a fool again, bellowing at a cabinet meeting that he wouldn`t accept anything less than $5.6 billion for his wall.

I have no sympathy for a stripper who is treated like dirt as a strip club, she knew the humiliations she would suffer in her chosen profession, and I have no sympathy for anyone who accepts a position in the White House, they knew full well that the stable genius is the mayor of Crazytown.

Donald Trump’s Oval Office Address: A Nation Vomits! Video!


On Tuesday night Donald Trump delivered his first Oval Office address, the prime time speech was dedicated to his obsession of building a tower in Moscow, my bad, I mean building a wall on our southern border.

His words are of no consequence, the only things that ever emanate from his sphincter-shaped mouth are little white lies, huge ugly lies and ridiculous lies. I might as well try to parse the meanings of his farts after he gets an upset stomach from eating too many tacos and milkshakes.

Trump didn`t deviate from the script on the teleprompter, therefore he didn`t make any headlines for uttering idiotic statements as he is wont to do when he speaks extemporaneously.

There was only one stationary camera, and I had no choice but to focus on Trump`s face, and what a revolting countenance it is: the urine-colored cotton candy hair, the aforementioned sphincter-shaped mouth, the orange complexion, his double chin, and the pasty white circles around his eyes. The horror, the horror!

Although the words Trump spoke don`t matter, the way he spoke does warrant attention. Trump sometimes took no pauses between phrases, as if he wanted to get through with the damn thing as quickly as possible. Let`s just say that he`s not a master of phrasing like the late great Frank Sinatra.

Then there`s that annoying sniffling that always makes an appearance when the great bloviator makes an important speech. They say Trump doesn`t drink or do drugs, but I wouldn`t be surprised if he likes coke the drug as much as he likes Coke the soda.

If you didn`t watch the speech last night, and you have a masochistic streak, here`s a link:

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Rep. Rashida Tlaib: Impeach the Expletive-Deleted


On Thursday, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib told her supporters about a heartwarming conversation she had with her son:

“Look, Mama, you won. Bullies don`t win,” Tlaib said, quoting her son. “And I said, Baby, they don`t, because we`re gonna go in there and impeach the motherfuc*er.”

Trump, in a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black, condemned Tlaib`s comments as “highly disrespectful.”

Trump had the gall to trumpet:

“This is a person I don`t know, I assume she`s new. I think she dishonored herself and dishonored her family using language like that in front of her son and whoever else was there.”

The short-fingered vulgarian and his white evangelical supporters would be well-advised to shut the fu*k up, lest they rightfully be accused of being hypocritical.

Kudos to Rep. Tlaib for speaking truth to power in a language that the obscenity in the White House understands.

Rep. Tlaib didn`t dishonor herself or her family, quite the opposite she gave us hope that the new Congress includes a representative committed to impeaching the motherfuc*er.

Harry Reid: Donald Trump is Amoral

Amoral Bastard

“Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called President Donald Trump an amoral person and said he`s the worst President we`ve ever had in an interview with The New York Times Magazine published Wednesday.

`Trump is an interesting person. He is not immoral but is amoral,` Reid, a Nevada Democrat, said in the interview. `Amoral is when you shoot someone in the head, it doesn`t make a difference. No conscience.`

Reid, who retired in 2017 at the end of his fifth term, told the magazine that Trump `is without question the worst president we`ve ever had.`”


Harry Reid the former Senate Majority Leader and former boxer rarely pulls his punches, and he delivered a haymaker punch to Donald Trump`s reputation in an interview with the New York Times Magazine.

Reid has terminal pancreatic cancer and he will soon die, so he held nothing back in his devastating assessment of Trump.

Reid is spot on: Trump is amoral. He lacks a moral compass, he`s unconcerned with the rightness or wrongness of his actions, and he cares only about how they will benefit him.

I would go a step further than Reid, Trump is a sociopath. He`s totally unconcerned about how his draconian immigration policies will affect poor people dreaming of a better life in America because he has no empathy for anyone, and certainly not for people of color.

If Trump shot and killed someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue he wouldn`t feel any remorse or regret, he`s a soulless monster.

Trump is an aberration, a vulgar and racist sociopath who craps on social norms, the Constitution, the teachings of the Bible, and the rule of law.

But what about the 30-something percent of the American electorate that would support him even if he wantonly shot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue?

We`re not talking about just one sick and twisted individual, but about millions of white evangelicals who put political expediency above the religious views they profess to hold dear.

I pray Trump will be impeached and removed from office in the near future, but how do we as a society rid ourselves of millions of degenerate white evangelicals?

Read More:

Donald Trump’s Incredibly Shrinking Wall


Donald Trump is suffering from an embarrassing shrinkage problem that only George Constanza could understand. I`m not referring to the puny presidential pecker, if that worm shrank you would need a microscope to see it.

I`m talking about Trump`s incredibly shrinking wall, during the presidential campaign he spoke of it in such lofty terms, that his base imagined a colossal structure that would rival the Great Wall of China.

Trump described his proposed wall as 1,000 miles long, made of concrete slabs, and rising 35 to 40 feet in the air.

And of course he repeated ad nauseam that Mexico would pay for the damned thing. Mexico will erect a phallic symbol taller than the Washington Monument in honor of Trump before it finances his boondoggle.

Trump has given up on the idea of having our Southern neighbor pay for the wall, and now his is holding nearly 1 million federal employees hostage in a bid to have taxpayers fund his monstrosity.

Trump`s rhetoric on his proposed wall between the United States and Mexico has changed, nowadays he`s just as likely to call it a fence, steel slabs or a barrier as he is to refer to it as a wall.

The mighty 1,000 mile wall has been downsized to a paltry 500 miles, and he might eventually settle for a 10 mile bead curtain, made in China.

The Democrats shouldn`t give an inch, let Trump explain to his fanatical base that the wall was just a rhetorical device, and that it will never be built.

The World Will End Not With a Bang or a Whimper But With a Trump Tweet

Stable Genius

In 2018 Donald Trump famously referred to himself as a “stable genius,” but his words and actions manifestly prove thats he`s the polar opposite: an unstable fucking moron.

In fact, Trump is so unstable and volatile, and he relies only on his own counsel, that many fear that he might start a nuclear war if a foreign leader offends his tender sensibilities.

Fortunately, contrary to popular belief there is no red button that our lunatic commander-in-chief can press to usher in Armageddon. He can`t just push a button and nuclear-tipped missiles will fly to Moscow, Beijing, Ottawa or Paris. Cadet Bone Spurs can`t unilaterally launch a nuclear strike, he requires military personnel to carry out such an order.

However, the putative Leader of the Free World can start a nuclear war with a tweet. We must never forget that when tensions with North Korea were at a fever pitch he practically goaded Kim Jong-un into striking Guam with a missile.

The world may end, my friends, not because of geopolitical tensions between the Russian Federation and the United States or due to economic tensions between American and China – the world may end simply because Trump`s tiny fingers pecking away at the Twitter machine ticked-off a mad dictator with a nuclear arsenal.

Happy New Year!

Donald Trump is a Coward

Cadet Bone Spurs

Donald Trump has always yearned to be the alpha dog, but it`s difficult to be the top dog when he`s been neutered by his cowardice.

He`s like a lap dog who barks ferociously when he`s safely ensconced in the lap of his owner, but cowers at the slightest sound when he`s by himself.

Trump earned worldwide fame as the head honcho in “The Apprentice,” in the make-believe world of reality TV he dispatched contestants with his trademark phrase: You`re Fired!

But in the real world the presidential poodle doesn`t have the gonads to fire anyone in person, he always delegates that unpleasant task to one of his subordinates.

In the presence of dictators with balls of steel like Russian President Vladimir Putin, Cadet Bone Spurs becomes obsequious and servile.

It took our fearless leader almost two years to summon up the courage to visit soldiers in a war zone, and he probably wouldn`t have made the trip to Iraq without his wife by his side holding his tiny hand.

Out commander-in-chief has frequently boasted that he was ready to serve during the Vietnam War, but he obtained a medical deferment to keep him from being drafted.

The New York Times recently reported that Trump was diagnosed with bone spurs by a podiatrist as a favor to Trump`s dad, who was his landlord.

Trump is such a sniveling coward that I`m betting that once the Mueller Report is released, and it shows there`s overwhelming evidence that he`s guilty of several felonies, including conspiring with Russia, he won`t have the stomach to fight impeachment and he will resign.

Donald Trump is a Grinch! Yes, Coleman, There is a Santa Claus!

Donald Grinch

Donald Trump spoke to children whose calls to NORAD had been patched through to the White House lines – there`s no way the Stable Genius can screw up this photo-op, right?

In front of a crackling fire and between two Christmas trees even a Grinch like Trump should have been filled with the Christmas spirit.

But in a Christmas Eve call, Trump asked 7-year-old Coleman whether she still believes in Santa Claus.

“Are you still a believer in Santa? Because at 7, it`s marginal, right?” Trump asked Coleman.

If a seven-year-old child calls a Santa Claus hotline, you don`t have to be a Stable Genius to deduce that the wee innocent still believes in Santa.

Dear God let`s hope that calls to a suicide prevention hotline aren`t routed to the Oval Office, for another photo-op.

I can only imagine the conversation as Trump takes a call from a teenager contemplating suicide:

Justin from San Francisco: I can`t do anything right! What`s the point? I really want to kill myself!

Trump: Jump off the Golden Gate Bridge you freaking loser! No big loss, I doubt a liberal loser like you was planning on voting for me in 2020 anyway.

Yes, Coleman, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as crass commercialism and greed exists in this capitalist state. Go to a mall, if one still exists in your town, and you will see me there.

Merry Christmas to little Coleman and to all my readers! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Official White House Christmas Portrait an Abomination From the Pit of Hell

Creepy Portrait

Melania Trump just posted this year`s official White House Christmas portrait, and there`s nothing homey or Christmassy about it.

I`m not a photographer, I can`t even take a decent selfie, but I can spot a bad photo when I see one.

The image has a surreal non-human quality, I wonder if the photographer was the famous Sophia the Robot.

The presidential couple looks two dimensional, almost like cardboard cutouts.

They are looking at the camera with big smiles, obviously the smiles aren`t a result of the warmth of their relationship, but the automatic reflex of politicians facing cameras.

They are holding hands, something Melania is loath to do with her husband, maybe the holding hands was photoshopped.

Melania`s infamous blood-red Christmas trees are nowhere to be seen, they posed in a room with normal-looking Christmas trees, except for the disturbing fact that the red Christmas balls aren`t hanging from the trees but are littered around the stumps.

The couple`s son, Barron, is not pictured, he was probably hanging out with a Secret Service agent or whoever is responsible for raising him.

The image is devoid of any religious symbolism: no Baby Jesus, manger scene or any other traditional Christian object.

Trump doesn`t even pretend to be an evangelical, no problem though, his white evangelical base still worships him.

I found myself unconsciously making the sign of the cross after looking at this execrable photograph.