Trump Lies Because He’s a Liar


George Conway isn`t buying former White House communications director Anthony “Scaramucci`s claim that President Donald Trump lies because he thinks it`s fun.

The conservative attorney, who is married to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, on Friday appeared to suggest that Trump`s fondness for telling untruths is actually more deep-seated.

He used a fish-themed tweet to explain:

I don`t really agree with this. Think of fish. Fish don`t swim because they think it`s fun; they swim because they`re fish.”

Huffington Post

There`s nothing fishy about Conway`s explanation for Trump`s mountain of lies. Trump hasn`t piled up almost 10,000 lies since his inauguration because he gets a kick out of telling fibs.

Fish don`t swim for exercise or recreation, they swim because they`re fish. When you`re born with a tail and back fin, you`re going to use those appendages to swim in the water.

Trump lies because he`s a liar, a pathological liar. Naturally sometimes Trump lies because he thinks it`s fun, for example he enjoys exaggerating the size of his crowds knowing reporters will wax apoplectic.

Trump lies for myriad reasons, sometimes he lies because of his inferiority complex. He lies about his IQ to cover his ignorance and stupidity, and he brags about the size of his hands to compensate for his shortcoming.

Sometimes he`ll tell a whopper about a political opponent because he`s a mean-spirited SOB who thrives on demeaning and ridiculing his intellectual superiors.

Trump will lie for a specific reason, and he will lie for no reason, sometimes he`s aware that he`s lying, sometimes he isn`t.

If Trump`s lips are moving, chances are he`s lying. When his lips stop moving and he gives up the ghost he should be buried in his dung pile of lies.

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OMG! Can You Imagine Donald Trump as an Airline Pilot?

In the aftermath of an Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed all 157 passengers on board, the stable genius offered his ideas on improving airline safety.

We might be wise listen to the owner of defunct Trump Airlines, the shuttle service that operated flights from LaGuardia Airport to Logan International Airport and Ronald Reagan Airport.

Maybe not, after all the fuc*ing moron bankrupt Trump Airlines in less than five years due to his mismanagement and incompetence.

Here`s what the engineer-in-chief had to say, on Twitter of course:

Airplanes are becoming far too complex to fly. Pilots are no longer needed, but rather computer scientists from MIT. I see it all the time in many products. Always seeking to go one unnecessary step further, when often old and simpler is far better. Split second decisions are….

… needed, and the complexity creates danger. All of this for great cost yet very little gain. I don`t know about you, but I don`t want Albert Einstein to be my pilot. I want great flying professionals that are allowed to easily and quickly take control of a plane!

We don`t need Albert Einstein or a computer scientist from MIT flying commercial airplanes, and we also don`t need tips from a businessman who has several bankruptcies under his belt telling us how to run an airliner or any other business.

I wouldn`t be surprised if Trump petitions the FAA to reduce cruising altitude from 35,000 feet to five thousand feet so commoners will be able to read the Trump logo when he`s flying one of his private jets.

Can you imagine Trump as an commercial airline pilot?

I`d like to welcome the ladies and gentlemen on first class, never mind the losers flying coach.

My copilot for this flight is Mike Pence, his primary responsibility is serving me coffee and fluffing my hair. But in case of an emergency, the Holy Roller will recite a prayer over the PA system.

But don`t worry! This will be a beautiful flight, believe me! I will probably set a world record getting you to your destination.

To reduce tension and anxiety feel free to flirt with all the stewardesses, believe me, they are all hot! I picked the bitches myself!

I`d like to ease your mind by informing you that there are no therapy animals onboard this flight, crapping and pissing all over the cabin. God, how I hate puppies, kittens and all fluffy animals that losers and mental cases rely on for comfort.

Pence you moron! Wait until I get up to stretch my legs before you try to kiss my ass. Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, it`s so hard to get good help these days.

Thank God Trump isn`t a pilot, engineer or anything having to do with the airline business.

Donald Trump Screws Up Coin Toss at Army-Navy Game

Everything Donald Trump says or does is controversial, he can`t shake hands, salute or toss a coin without making headlines.

Trump attended the 119th annual Army-Navy game in Philadelphia, and video of the stable genius tossing the ceremonial coin has Twitter in a frenzy. Trump might as well have tossed Mike Pompeo`s salad (in the UrbanDictionary.Com definition of the phrase), for all the controversy that ensued.

Trump had one job to do, a very simple job, but as usual he screwed things up. How could Trump fail at such an easy task, his tiny fingers are custom-made for flipping a coin, for God`s sake!

A play-by-play description of the presidential toss won`t do it justice, you have to see the video to comprehend the awkwardness of the incident.

Let me just make this one point about the coin toss that shook a nation to its core. It`s understood that the celeb who tosses the coin isn`t expected to pick it up, nevertheless Trump arrogantly pointed at the ground for the referee to pick up the damn coin.

A president who is incapable of flipping a coin shouldn`t be allowed anywhere near the nuclear button. Impeach the coin-tossing wanker now!

Donald Trump is a Liar

“Donald Trump is a liar. Not just in the sense that we are all fallible human beings who probably say things that aren`t true sometimes – he has made flagrant disregard for the truth a hallmark for his approach to business and politics.

He wrote about his strategic use of dishonesty in The Art of The Deal. He admitted to routinely lying about important matters in a sworn deposition. And of course it`s obvious to anyone who`s followed his political career that he has continued to exhibit a flagrant disregard for the truth as he pivoted from real estate developer to celebrity brand licenser to president. A core belief of his is that lying is a good way to get ahead, which is why he lies so much.

In addition to being a liar, Trump is unusually ill-informed about public policy for a president, so he plausibly says some things that aren`t true out of genuine lack of knowledge. This leads to a natural caution on the part of some journalists who cover the White House about calling a lie a lie, with phrases like `demonstrable falsehood` instead.”


All of us bend the truth sometimes, but our moral code, and societal expectations prevent us from becoming pathological liars. Sometimes it`s just more expedient to simply tell the truth, we don`t have to worry that we`ll forget which lie we told to which person.

Donald Trump is a liar is the same sense that Pol Pot was a murderer, Hitler was a racist, and Whitney Houston was a crackhead.

Deceit is the oxygen that flows in his veins, and feeds his demented mind.

If Trump stopped lying the orange pig would shrivel and die, truth is such a foreign element that his immune system wouldn`t be able to handle the truth.

Sometimes Trump`s lies are calculated, and sometimes they just fly out of his mouth without any forethought – dissembling is his default mode.

Trump is a sociopath, he doesn`t have any regrets or remorse about spinning untruths. In his mind his deceptions and misrepresentations are the truth, even if they are blatantly false to the average person.

There`s a debate in polite society whether to call Trump a liar or use a euphemism, allow me to explain where I stand on the issue.

We should always call a “spade a spade” and a liar a liar, and we shouldn`t have any false hopes that we will shame Trump into being more truthful. You`re not going to shame a prostitute by calling her a “freaking whore,” or a televangelist by calling him a “false prophet,” and you are certainly not going to shame Trump by calling him a pathological liar.

It`s incumbent upon pundits, politicians and preachers to speak the truth to power and call Trump a liar. We must label Trump a liar because as a society we must make it crystal clear that we won`t tolerate a serial liar. Every time we use a euphemism to describe a Trump whopper it diminishes us as a democracy that holds truth in high regard.

I know it`s tedious to call Donald Trump a liar every time he opens his mouth, but that`s our responsibility as journalists and bloggers.

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