Night Night Donald Trump, You Disgusting Halfwit

Since June 2, 2016 Dan Rebellato, a distinguished professor, has tweeted the following message to Donald Trump, every night, before going to bed:

Night night you disgusting halfwit. xx

You`d expect the renowned playwright and professor of contemporary theatre at Royal Holloway, University of London to publish an article in a literary magazine, replete with footnotes, condemning the short-fingered vulgarian, but when dealing with a disgusting ignoramus a snarky tweet will suffice.

The tweet is a minimalist masterpiece!

It should be noted that the good professor is wishing the septuagenarian buffoon “night night,” not “good night” or “good morning.” It is the nightly message that you deliver to a skinflint grandfather who`d just as soon piss on you as bless you financially. “Night night” is what you mumble to an old fart that you secretly hope will die in his sleep.

Rebellato calls our national disgrace a “disgusting halfwit” to differentiate him from the vast number of halfwits who aren`t disgusting. There are many good-natured halfwits who make us smile with their moronic antics, and silly halfwits who make us grateful that we weren`t last in line when God was passing out brains, and then there are disgusting halfwits who make us doubt the existence of a benevolent deity.

Rebellato`s nightly ritual is a soothing salve to countless of Americans suffering under the Trump regime. As an American I salute Rebellato! You sir are a scholar and a gentleman, and I admire your wit!

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