Outrage! Oklahoma City Cop Prevents Chicken from Crossing the Road!

“A surprised Oklahoma City police officer captured video of a `small town problem in the big city`– a loose chicken crossing a road.

The Oklahoma City Police Department posted a video to Facebook showing Officer Cook dealing with the unusual pedestrian found crossing a city street.

“You know, just `cause we`re in the big city don`t mean we don`t have small town problems,” Cook says in the video.

The post said Cook captured the chicken to keep it safe from traffic.”


The Oklahoma City police officer characterized a chicken crossing a road as a “small town problem in the big city.” He also opined “just cause we`re in the big city don`t mean we don`t have small town problems.”

Where to begin … First of all, Oklahoma City with a population of around half a million hardly qualifies as a “big city.” But even if Oklahoma City had a population of five million, they`re still a bunch of Okies with no conception of what it means to live in a large metropolitan area.

Officer Cook`s penchant for employing double negatives ensures that he will be a small town cop even he becomes a police officer in New York City.

We`ve all pondered the metaphysical question, “Why did the chicken cross the road?,” but very few of us have actually witnessed a chicken crossing a road.

How dare Officer Cook grab the chicken, and prevent it from crossing the road. Officer Cook is an affront to Oklahoma City, law enforcement, and indeed to all of humanity.

Cook traumatized the commuters and pedestrians who witnessed his unspeakable actions, may the good Lord have mercy on his soul.

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Bizarre UK Police Sketch Breaks the Internet

“A British police department`s computer-generated sketch of a suspect is going viral thanks to the face`s unrealistic proportions.

Warwickshire Police tweeted a sketch of a man believed to have been involved in a distraction burglary in Stratford, England, in February.

The department said the sketch was based on the victim`s description, but commenters on Twitter suggested the sketch`s unusually large mouth and teeth made it more closely resemble a Snapchat filter than a real person`s face.”


After distracting the homeowner, burglars broke into her home and stole an undisclosed amount of money.

I can only assume that all the burglar with the huge mouth had to do was smile to distract the hapless homeowner, while his partner-in-crime snuck inside.

The computer-generated sketch was based on the description of the victim. Perhaps this woman has a fetish for men with a huge mouth, and all she could tell the cops was that the burglar`s mouth was a mile wide.

I can`t say I blame the befuddled woman, if a burglar with big boobs conned her way into my home, I would tell the police sketch artist: Dude her face was a blank, all I can remember is her incredible rack.

Needless to say this burglar will never be caught based on the police computer-generated sketch.

Pic of sketch:


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Cops to Get Police Cat!

“Last week, the Troy Police Department set a goal: 10,000 Twitter followers by April and the department gets a police cat.

Well, they hit the goal on Wednesday morning, which means it`s time for police cat!

Click on Detroit

Every police department worth its salt has a K-9 officer, but a canine officer ain`t no therapy animal, and it can`t be used in community outreach.

A canine officer who runs down criminals, and sniffs out your stash isn`t going to engender warm and cozy feelings toward cops.

I give a K-9 officer a wide berth, but if I see a cop petting a Kitty Officer I would feel compelled to pet the cat and hug his human handler.

The Kitty Officer will be expected to make public appearances on behalf of the police department, but he won`t live in the police station. He will go home every night with an officer.

This is simply a brilliant idea, can you imagine a cat wearing a police hat? He would inspire hundreds of kids to become police officers!

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Clueless Canadian Cops Give Dude Ticket for Singing Along With His Jam: Video

“St-Laurent man`s love of music is proving costly after he said he was given a $149 ticket for singing `Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)` while driving.

On Sept. 27, Taoufik Moalla was on his way to get a bottle of water from Provigo. He was headed down St. Croix, cheerfully singing along to the 1990 C+C Music Factory hit, when he heard a police siren behind him.

`I was thinking they wanted to pass, but they called on the speaker `Please go to the right side,` said Moalla. `I stopped and four police came, two on each side, and checked the inside of the car. Then they asked me if I screamed. I said no, I was just singing.`

Police checked his license and registration and came back with the ticket for screaming in his car.”

CTV News

Y`all know what happens when your jam comes on the radio, you get jiggy with it, and while the music is on you are oblivious to your surroundings.

I can`t dance worth a lick, but when my jam comes on (Bob Marley`s Jammin) I`m going to dance like a mother regardless if I`m in my shower, cubicle at work, or in my ride.

Trying to stop a person from grooving when his jam comes on is like trying to stop one of Pavolv`s dogs from salivating when he sees his bowl brimming with food.

Those clueless Canadian cops need to chill the hell out, smoke some weed and listen to Bob Marley, how dare they give Moalla a ticket for singing along with his jam.

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Federal Court Ruling: Cop Can Shoot a Dog if it Barks or Moves When He Enters a Home

“A police officer can shoot a dog if it barks or moves when the officer enters a home, under a new federal court ruling issued this month.
The ruling comes after police in Battle Creek, Michigan, shot two pit bulls while searching a home for evidence of drugs in 2013.”

My dog Mandy is a German Shepherd/Pit Bull mix, she may be physically imposing but whenever I take her for a walk she`s mobbed by the neighborhood children. Mandy has a sweet disposition and she never barks or yelps when the kids pet her, but she does bark when she`s in my backyard and a stranger walks up to my front porch.

Newsflash: Dogs bark, especially when a stranger invades their territory.

Newsflash: Dogs aren`t going to sit still when a stranger is inside their home.

Dogs can sense when their owners are nervous, and they are very protective, of course they are going to bark and move towards a police officer when he enters their home.

A police officer shouldn`t be a Nervous Nellie, he shouldn`t automatically shoot a dog just because he barks and approaches him.

Mandy is a member of my family, and if a police officer shot her just because she barked, I would be devastated.

The judge who ruled in favor of the police officers in this particular case is a moron, and his ruling shouldn`t be interpreted as a blanket ruling for cops across the country.

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Cops Break into Car to Rescue Mannequin That Looked Too Real

“The report to police was deadly serious — an elderly woman apparently frozen to death inside a parked car in Hudson, New York.

Police in the city said they responded to the call Friday morning with an emergency rescue crew. It was cold — around five degrees Fahrenheit — and the car had snow cover and looked like it hadn`t been moved in a while.
Authorities saw an elderly woman in the front passenger seat, police said. She was wearing an oxygen mask. She did not move and was unresponsive.

An officer smashed the rear window, opened the door…and discovered the woman was really a life sized mannequin. The kind that is used in CPR training.”


If a Good Samaritan saw a frozen pooch inside a parked vehicle, he wouldn`t hesitate to smash the window to rescue the poor creature. We are a nation of animal lovers, and we hate to see cats or dogs in distress.

However if you saw an elderly woman who looked like a human popsicle inside a parked car, would you smash the window to rescue her?

A blue-haired old lady isn`t quite as cute and cuddly as a kitten or a puppy, and many people would have moral reservations about interfering with the handiwork of the Grim Reaper.

Kudos to the citizen who called 911, and to the cops who smashed the car window in an attempt to save what they thought was a freezing elderly citizen.

The owner was furious at the police officers for damaging his vehicle, but the rest of us should be happy that in this cold world someone still cares about an old lady freezing to death.


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