Silly Chelsea Handler Poses Semi-Nude to Encourage Her Followers to Vote Blue

“The outspoken former talk show host, who has been very vocal about her political leanings in recent months, stripped down to next to nothing in an effort to promote voter participation in the upcoming midterm elections, which take place on Tuesday.

Handler took to Instagram rocking nothing more than a pair of black lace underwear, and covering her chest with her arm, while standing around in a sizeable dressing room.

“You have to vote, like your life depends on it. Vote!” a mostly nude Handler playfully intoned, before detailing her upcoming engagements stumping for Democratic California congressional candidates Katie Porter and Gil Cisneros.”


Kudos to Chelsea Handler for going to extreme measures in an effort to promote voter participation in the midterm elections. I share her desire to flip the House and the Senate as a check on Donald Trump. Over the last couple of years I`ve written hundreds of anti-Trump essays, but I`m not going to post a pic of myself in my tighty whities to urge people to vote. That would have the opposite effect of making voters turn away from politics altogether.

Although I appreciate Handler`s enthusiasm I question her judgement, a pic of a semi-nude 43-year-old woman isn`t going to convince anyone to vote. In fact only a boob would be persuaded to vote by a topless photo of a woman past her prime.

Screw anyone who thinks I`m guilty of body shaming, anyone who posts a semi-nude image of himself/herself on social media is inviting praise as well as criticism.

But Handler`s point is well taken, for God`s sake vote blue to emasculate the racist buffoon sitting in the Oval Office.

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Adorable British Kids Criticize Donald Trump: Video

Chelsea interviews some of Britain`s youngest voters on their knowledge about POTUS, and their answers couldn`t be more spot on. Among some of the key takeaways? Donald Trump owns a wig closet, has orange skin, and is racist. Now THAT`s not fake news.

YouTube video description

I have read dozens of articles by scholars criticizing Donald Trump`s troubling personality and his incoherent policies in detail with footnotes and annotations.

But you don`t need to be a political science major, or even an adult, to discern that there is something seriously wrong with Trump.

These adorable British children intuitively realize that Trump is a fuc**d up wanker. Chelsea Handler asks little Charlie what he knows about Trump, and he responds: Well, for start, he`s got an orange face. Charlie knew that Trump`s orange face was indicative of a serious psychological disorder. Nobody is his right mind is going to slather his face with fake orange tan, the president`s orange complexion is an outward manifestation of a sick mind.

Then Charlie added: I know he doesn`t like people with brown skin. Any adult with a modicum of common sense will quickly deduce by examining Trump`s policies and statements that he`s a blatant racist. But even a child will instinctively sense that he is a bigot.

Trump has been put down by intellectuals, stand-up comics, and political commentators, but never more adorably than by these British school kids.

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