Donald Trump Speaking to Boy Scouts is Like a Porn Star Speaking to Girl Scouts

Donald Trump on Monday delivered a highly partisan speech to an audience of 35,000, he was frequently interrupted with applause and whoops and hollers. But this wasn`t a typical Trump crowd that applauds every coarse and idiotic thing he says, he was speaking to Boy Scouts at the National Boy Scout Jamboree in Beaver, West Virginia.

Before the vulgarian had finished speaking, parents had taken to social media to register their outrage, some parents even threatened to pull their sons out of the 107-year-old youth organization.

At least Trump restrained himself from making an R-rated joke about thousands of young boys assembled in a town called “Beaver.”

The parents would have been less offended if the Boy Scouts had asked a known pedophile or a serial killer to speak to their impressionable children.

Trump`s address can best be described as “inappropriate,” he waxed apoplectic against his usual targets: Hillary Clinton, Obama and fake news.

Unfortunately, this vitriol is par for the course in a stump speech at a political rally, but the bastard was speaking to young boys. He should have been speaking to them about trust, loyalty, and encouraging them to obey and respectd their parents and attend college.

In a short six months Trump has trampled the Constitution, diminished the presidency, attacked the judiciary and the free press, and now he has tarnished the reputation of the venerable Boy Scouts. It`s high time to impeach the loathsome son of a bitch.

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