Bob Corker: The GOP is a Cult of Personality

“Bob Corker worries GOP is becoming a cult. Don Jr. likes that. The Republican Party is having a remarkable internal conversation about whether it is turning into a personality cult that has abandoned all principles in order to follow President Donald Trump`s every whim.

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker kicked off the debate on Wednesday in a press scrum. “We`re in a strange place. It`s becoming a cultish thing, isn`t it?” Corker told reporters. “It`s not a good place for any party to have a cult-like situation as it relates to a President that happens to be purportedly of the same party.” Corker has been specifically critical of his party for abandoning the cause of free trade because of Trump`s protectionism, but many more instances can be cited.”

The New Republic

When Donald Trump was unexpectedly elected president I imagined that he would face as much opposition from mainstream Republicans as from Democrats. Surely I thought conservatives will never accept the lifelong Democrat as one of their own.

But I was wrong, boy was I wrong! In warp speed Trump has transformed the party of family values, fiscal responsibility and free trade into a cult of personality.

If a Republican in the House or Senate criticizes Trump he immediately blasts him on Twitter, and his prospects of reelection immediately diminish.

Before Trump a Republican was called a RINO (Republican in name only) if he strayed from Republican orthodoxy, say for example if he advocated for national health care. Today a Republican`s bona fides is judged entirely on whether or not he fervently supports the megalomaniac.

The law and order party enthusiastically joins Trump is attacking the FBI, the Justice Department and our intelligence agencies. The party of free trade is mute while Trump imposes tariffs not only on China, but on our allies. The party of small government and fiscal responsibility approves a $1.3 trillion budget deal. The anti-Communist party denies that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, and doesn`t take any steps to prevent the oligarchy from doing so again in the mid-term elections. The Big Tent party has no room for advocates of comprehensive immigration reform. The party of family values embraces a serial pussy-grabber president, and endorses the senatorial candidacy of a pedophile. The anti-corruption party approves the swampiest creatures to be members of Trump`s cabinet.

Republicans march lockstep with the corrupt president, and the only voices crying in the wilderness are Republicans who have announced they aren`t running for reelection like Senator Bob Corker, and the terminally ill Senator John McCain.

The Republican Party is a cult, and you can`t appeal to Republicans on the basis of reason or facts. The truth is whatever the pathological liar and eminently unreasonable Trump says it is. If Trump says the sky is purple and you say it`s blue, Republicans accuse you of promulgating fake news.

You can no longer debate rationally with the GOP, principled Republicans who aren`t enthralled by the con artist in the White House should follow the advice of conservative pundit George Will and join Democrats in voting for Democrats in the mid-terms.

Only a Democrat-led Congress will impeach Trump, and only after he is removed from office will the Trump cult of personality be destroyed.

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Bob Corker is Spot On! Donald Trump’s Legacy Will be the Debasement of Our Nation

“The public feud between Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) and President Donald Trump continued to escalate on Tuesday.

The GOP senator, who warned earlier this month that Trump`s behavior could lead to World War III, told CNN that he believes the president`s legacy will be the `debasement of our nation.`

`He`s obviously not going to rise to the occasion as president,` Corker said. “I think at the end of the day, when his term is over, I think the debasing of our nation, the constant non-truth-telling, just the name-calling – I think the debasement of our nation will be what he`ll be remembered most for. And that`s regretful.`”

Huffington Post

With his flair for showmanship President Donald Trump has turned the White House into a soap opera, every day we tune into CNN or MSNBC to find out which Cabinet official is on the verge of resignation, and which politician or pundit is the target of Trump`s vitriol on Twitter.

Most Republicans are resigned to the fact that this soap opera/farce will probably run for four years, and they keep quiet through every vicious tweet and every ridiculous statement.

But there are a few statesmen in the Republican Party like Sen. Bob Corker, Sen. John McCain, and Sen. Jeff Flake who put our democracy above their party and even their own careers.

These lions of the Senate have roared against Trump`s petty behavior, vulgar language, divisive rhetoric and racist pronouncements.

Corker got down to the crux of the argument when he declared that Trump`s legacy will be the debasement of our democracy.

Trump has debased political discourse, we know that behind closed doors presidents pepper their conversation with profanity. As a young boy I remember that I was more astonished that Nixon`s tapes revealed he uttered obscenities with abandon, than I was about the disclosure that he committed felonies.

But Trump has made it acceptable for politicians and the reporters covering them to utter obscenities in public.

Trump`s constant name-calling and belittling of his opponents has desensitized us to this kind of infantile behavior. We no longer bat an eye or lift an eyebrow when Trump christens a congressman or a Senator with a derogatory moniker.

Trump has debased our foreign relations, he berates heads of states on Twitter and in private conversations.

As patriots and citizens of this great nation we mustn`t accept this “new normal,”

We must keep resisting and keep fighting until Trump is removed from office, one way or another.

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Bob Corker Blasts Donald Trump for Castrating Rex Tillerson

“US Republican senator Bob Corker stepped up his public feud with Donald Trump on Friday, saying the presidents undermining of his secretary of state was like castrating him in public.

Corker told the Washington Post in an interview that Trump had undercut Rex Tillerson`s efforts to enlist China in reining in North Korea`s nuclear program by denigrating the diplomat.

Tillerson told a news conference in Beijing two weeks ago that the US was directly communicating with North Korea on its nuclear and missile programs, but it had shown no interest in dialogue.

Trump took to Twitter the next day, saying Tillerson was `wasting his time` trying to negotiate with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.”

The Guardian

Donald Trump ridicules anyone who opposes his words or policies mercilessly on Twitter, but Senator Bob Corker seems to be impervious to the president`s sophomoric tweets.

Trump has turned one of his earliest and most fervent supporters into an implacable foe, and as chairman of the powerful Senate foreign relations committee Corker is in a position to block Trump`s agenda.

Corker is spot on, Trump has effectively castrated his Secretary of State in public rendering him impotent as America`s top diplomat.

Tillerson was spot on when he called Trump a “fuc*ing moron,” only a clueless president would tell his Secretary of State that he is wasting his time negotiating. Diplomats negotiate, that`s what they freaking do!

I wish there were more Republicans in Congress who would publicly condemn Trump for his despicable behavior and actions.

I wish that the Trump administration officials, like Tillerson, who privately bash their Dear Leader, would man up and quit, and publicly disavow him.

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Evangelical Christian Mike Pence Willing to Sell His Soul to Protect Satanic Donald Trump

“On Saturday, Vice President Mike Pence was in Las Vegas honoring the victims of the largest mass shooting in modern American history. Less than 24 hours later, he was in Indiana walking out of the Indianapolis Colts game against the San Francisco 49ers after several of the players failed to stand during the National Anthem.

`I left today`s Colts game because @POTUS and I will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our National Anthem,` Pence wrote on Twitter by way of explanation.

President Donald Trump, never one to cede to the spotlight, quickly took to Twitter to claim credit for Pence`s walk-out. `I asked @VP Pence to leave stadium if any players kneeled, disrespecting our country. I am proud of him and @SecondLady Karen,` tweeted Trump. He continued to inject himself into the moment Monday morning, tweeting that Pence received `great praise` for leaving the game.”


Vice President Mike Pence flew on Air Force Two from Las Vegas to Indianapolis to attend the game between the Colts and the 49ers.

After attending the game for the sole purpose of engaging in his publicity stunt, he flew to California — the cynical ploy cost taxpayers almost $300,000.

Former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the kneeling during the National Anthem protest a year ago, and ever since some 49ers always kneel during the anthem.

Pence knew there was a 100% certainty that a few 49ers would kneel during the playing of the National Anthem, his sole purpose for attending the football game was to engage in his publicity stunt to distract attention from Rex Tillerson calling the president a fuc*ing moron and Republican Sen. Bob Corker warning that Trump may lead us to World War III.

The only thing that the evangelical Christian Pence accomplished is prove that he is willing to sell his soul to protect the image of the satanic Donald Trump.

Time for revolution?

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