White House Has Regular Bible Studies and Prayer Sessions! It’s the Most Evil and Corrupt Administration in History!

While the White House faith initiative is making headlines, it`s whats happening behind the scenes inside the White House that is having quite a bit of spiritual impact.

For a while now, CBN News has reported how evangelical Christians have unprecedented direct access with President Trump. It has led to input on policy and consistent prayer among Cabinet members. Pence says there is prayer going on inside the White House all the time, not only on the National Day of Prayer.

`There`s prayer going on on a regular basis in this White House. And it`s one of the most meaningful things to me, whether it`s public meetings or not, I`ve lost count of the number of times that the president has nudged me, or nudged another member of the Cabinet and said, `Let`s start this meeting with prayer,` he told Brody.


Previous Republican presidential candidates have actively courted the evangelical vote during the campaign, and paid them only lip service once they win.

Donald Trump embraced white evangelicals during the campaign, and he`s rewarded them for their loyalty by actually backing legislation, and issuing executive orders that promotes the evangelical agenda.

Trump doesn`t have a spiritual bone in his body, and is more familiar with the Penthouse Forum that he is with the Bible, but he realizes that white evangelicals are an integral part of his base, and he will do anything to earn their support.

Evangelicals are cognizant that Trump is a vulgar, corrupt lying sack of crap, but they have no qualms about supporting him — as long as he remains loyal to their political agenda.

Trump`s cabinet has been called the most evangelical cabinet in history, and it`s also the most corrupt in history. Most of Trump`s cabinet attends a weekly Bible study in the White House, and the policies they are enacting are anti-poor, anti-immigrant and antithetical to the philosophy of Jesus Christ.

Mike Pence claims that there`s prayer going on on a regular basis in the White House, but it`s hands down the most corrupt administration in history.

I can`t imagine a more disgusting sight than Trump folding his tiny hands in prayer while he fantasizes of porn stars and Playboy bunnies, and Pence holding hands in prayer with cabinet members while he`s wondering if Carson is taking advantage of the situation by caressing his hand.

This Bible study-loving and praying administration is leading or democracy straight to hell! Trump, Pence and hte rest of these Pharisees can`t rot in hell.

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