Outrage: Christians Overrepresented in Congress

“Pew Reports `Christians overrepresented in Congress`: 55 percent Protestant, 30 percent Catholic, 6 percent Jewish

The new Congress that was sworn in Thursday afternoon is significantly more religious and Christian than the nation it represents, according to an analysis of religions claimed by House and Senate members.

Most notable, while 23 percent of the nation claims to be unaffiliated, atheist, or simply `none,` there is just one member of that group. Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema said that she is religiously unaffiliated, said the analysis from the Pew Research Center.”

Washington Examiner

Christians, especially evangelicals, often lament that they suffer discrimination and persecution at the hands of the federal government, but the fact is that the United States is the only democracy where evangelicals and fundamentalist Christians control the levers of power.

In fact, according to Pew, Christians are overrepresented in Congress, and that`s an intolerable state of affairs in a pluralistic democracy.

Granted, some of the members of Congress identify as Christians out of political expediency, and they are probably atheist or simply nonreligious. But there are still too many Christians in Congress.

America wasn`t founded as a Christian nation, and it`s not a Christian nation now, and it behooves us to elect politicians who are more representative of our religiously diverse nation.

The new Congress is significantly more diverse, ethnically and religiously and gender- wise, than any other Congress, but we still have a long way to go in creating a more perfect union.

It`s a sad indictment of our society that evangelical Roy Moore, who was credibly accused by several women of molesting them when they were girls, was almost elected to the Senate, but a candidate who is openly atheist has no chance of winning any election, even dogcatcher.

I`m not an atheist or a Muslim, but I long for the day when an openly atheist or Muslim is elected President of the United States. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/pew-christians-overrepresented-in-congress-55-percent-protestant-30-percent-catholic-6-percent-jewish