Arkansas Ten Commandments Monument Destroyed Hours After Installation

“A newly installed Ten Commandments monument on Arkansas state Capitol grounds was toppled on Wednesday by a man police said drove his vehicle into the granite slab and posted the incident on Facebook.

`It was shattered into a lot of pieces,` Chris Powell, a spokesman for the Secretary of State and Capitol Police, said in an interview.

The suspect, identified as Michael Reed, 32, was arrested on three charges, including a felony of defacing an object of public interest. Police did not release Reed`s motive for destroying the monument installed in Little Rock on Tuesday.”


This is not the first time, and it won`t be the last time the Ten Commandments are smashed. Anyone with a cursory knowledge of the Bible knows that when Moses came down from the mountain, after Jehovah had given him the tablets of stone, he witnessed the Israelites committing fornication, idolatry, and practically every other type of pagan sin under the sun. Moses was so enraged by the sins of the people of God, that he smashed the commandments to smithereens.

Police haven`t released Reed`s motivation for destroying the Ten Commandments monument on Arkansas state Capital grounds, but it`s reasonable to conclude that his act of vandalism wasn`t inspired by the heathen proclivities of the good citizens of Arkansas.

Installing a Ten Commandments monument on Arkansas state Capital grounds is such a provocation, and an affront to our beloved Constitution and the Almighty himself, that even a rational person might be tempted to topple the religious marker.

A Christian church or a Jewish temple would be a perfect place to erect a Ten Commandments monument, but to erect a religious pillar on government property is a blatant violation of our sacred principle of separation of church and state.

I don`t know if Jehovah was mad when Moses destroyed the original Ten Commandments, but I`m guessing He was thrilled when Reed drove his vehicle into the granite slab.

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Arkansas Plans Seven Executions in 11 Days!Thank You Jesus!

“Arkansas is preparing to execute seven death row inmates in 11 days this month before the state`s deadly drugs expire, an unprecedented number of lethal injections in such a narrow window.

The hurried schedule has prompted unease from the state`s Republican governor, lawsuits from the condemned inmates, and criticism from an array of former corrections officials nationwide.”

The Washington Post

If every state executed seven death row inmates in 11 days, the crime rate would drop precipitously. There is an overabundance of animals on death row who need to be put to death.

Most criminals on death row will never be executed, and the few who are put to death languish in death row an average of 15 years before justice is finally meted out.

The death penalty as it stands isn`t a deterrent, it`s a joke. But if more states followed the example of Arkansas, thugs would think twice before capital crimes.

Unfortunately, the only reason the state of Arkansas is killing so many death row inmates in such a short span of time is because the supply of deadly drugs will soon expire.

Shame on Arkansas, actually it`s been 12 years since the state executed a criminal. Shame on every state that doesn`t execute criminals on a regular basis to protect its citizens.

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