In a Risk Averse Age Harley-Davidson is an Anachronism

Its loud and powerful engine, bad boy image, and penchant of Harley owners for customizing their bikes symbolizes the brutal strength, freedom and individuality that made America the greatest nation on Earth.

Harley- Davidson is an iconic American brand, it`s as American as Mom and apple pie.

Harley- Davidson has been on a downward spiral for decades, but it`s losing significantly more speed under the Trump admiration. The motorcycle company on Tuesday said its profits were erased by slumping sales and Trump`s tariffs.

Baby boomers are the core demographic for Harley, and their customers are downsizing from hogs to Hoverrounds. Harley needs to thinks outside the box and introduce a new model for baby-boomers, featuring chrome training wheels.

Unfortunately, millennials were raised by hippies to be risk-adverse, and these pansies will never give up their mopeds, skateboards and hoverboards in favor of a macho motorcycle.

In an age where climate control cultists are in power, and wimps expect to go through life without any cuts or bruises there is simply no place for Harley-Davidson.

The last cowboy rode off into the sunset over a century ago, and in the near future the last modern day cowboy will ride his steel horse into the night.