Stripper Arrested for Posting Message Online About Shooting Up a Club

Acrobatic Stripper

“An exotic dancer in Florida has been arrested after allegedly writing about a vision she had of committing a mass shooting in a crowded place.

Brien Basarich, 31, has been charged with making a written threat to kill or injure after Lakeland Police were notified of the messages posted on Tumblr under the user name `taking-lives,` according to The Bradenton Herald, a local Florida newspaper.”


I find nothing sexy or alluring about strippers, these denizens of dark and dingy dives have soulless eyes and predatory hands. I`m convinced only cockroaches, Keith Richards and strippers will survive a nuclear Armageddon.

Judging by the strippers who frequently appear on the Jerry Springer Show, most of them are fat, slovenly and appear to be in the final stage of gonorrhea.

I`m not surprised that an exotic dancer was harboring a dark fantasy about shooting up a club or a bar on a busy night.

A stripper with a gun is a horrifying vision, but it pales in comparison to a stripper strangling a customer with a feces-encrusted thong, or an exotic dancer impaling a John with her six-inch stiletto heel.

I would run away in horror from a stripper brandishing a gun, but I would also run away from a stripper offering me a lap dance. God only knows how many venereal diseases are infesting every orifice in her body.

I have a vision of my own: Brien Basarich in a jail cell eating a bologna sandwich, regretting her decision to post her dark fantasy online.

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